Glencorse Selection tommorow! - Passed it, well chuffed!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Cable, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Greets all,

    Going off for selection tommorow up at Glencorse and just wanted to ask a few questions; On the papers I got with my travel warrant it says you should wear a tracksuit to go in but on the selection DVD one of the selection officers says that when they get people who turn up in tracksuits and whatnot they tend to think they aren't showing much effort in wanting the job.

    Is it best to dress casual smart (i.e shirt, trousers, shoes) to make a good first impression or will I be the unlucky git who turns up like that where everyone else is wearing a tracksuit?

    Also, my upper body strength isn't anything to be proud of but I've got my 1.5m nailed, so if I don't do too admirably in the strength tests (specifically the heaves) but try my hardest and I do pretty well in the running will it "balance out" and still get me in?

    Thanks for your time,

    -- Adam
  2. I Arrived in SMART clothing i did as the dvd said and got it wrong,
    try your best and you shouldnt have a problem

    Edited: really need to check what i've wrote before posting lol
  3. Go in what your recruiting office or selection centre said, but as I've been to Glencorse before but got deffered I would say better to wear tracksuit or you will have to change anyway because medical is first matey:) STRIP! lol

    Yea you can do that for para's slightly I was told(which I'm not joining anyway) but dunno about any job and umm not to worry you but you should well watch out for getting sent back on a medical 1/4 got sent back last time so only get your hopes up after the medical is done:) lmao and when you get there you see it's relaxed as anything last time myself, other people heading back failing medical and those who were waiting for others to finish watched tv lol! Nice big plasma:)

    Also you will do drugs test as well so you need to hold it or drink before you get there cuz they cant test air:)

    The officer was a nice guy to we had a chat about my getting sent back on knee injury:p
  4. Thanks for the swift replies :)

    Tracksuit it is then, best go root around in my bag then.

    Thanks again,

    -- Adam
  5. I was confused I kept my suit for the interview well nice for 4 ******* hours on the train up there and then when we get on the bus I've got nothing to do but cram it into the back of that gay bus....whats the facking point if you ask me lol maybe i refuse and say i want it in the bus next time I go next week wednesday:p
  6. Tracksuit should be right - my daughter did Glencorse in May and they wore tracksuits to arrive.
  7. Just came home today. I went in track suit. I got in which im proud off. Good luck
  8. I went in smart civvies IIRC. The bus drove off without 3 of us and we had to get a taxi!
  9. Hopefully Cable is tucked up in bed now building energy for the next couple of days - but good luck and let us know how you got on!
  10. Probabbly too late now as its 3:55am, but I was there 9 days ago and I went up in tracksuit as did the other lads...

    good luck!!! let us know how you got on

  11. Now then everyone, just got home off the train.

    Passed with flying colours; fcuking well chuffed! When I was on the train up to Edinburgh I was bricking myself thinking I was gonna fail but when I got there I just put 100% in and got on with it and the results clearly show as I'm off into the army - can't bloody wait, well excited!

    Gonna go into my army careers office on monday to see if there's a vacancy for my first choice (tank crewman) so hopefully there will be.

    Well pleased, I had so much fun at selection; the humour from the NCO's was hilarious and the lads that were doing selection were a great bunch. Can't wait for phase 1 training now.

    -- Adam, rather happy (but knackered)
  12. Well done! where you doing your phase 1 then?
  13. well done fella, what run time did you get:p

  14. Good to hear, hopefully I'll be in your shoes soon.
  15. Well done on passing! Hopefully ill do the same, iv got selection on monday.