Glencorse 23rd of june?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by shadowmoses55, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. anyone going to Glencorse for selection on the 23rd?
    i have come questions cheers.
  2. Im at glencorse tommorow, 18th. Ill post what i know when i get back on thursday.
  3. awsome thank you
    what cap badge you going for?
  4. Im going for Intelligence corps. 2nd choice is RMP
  5. cool im going for armour corp charlie 2 tanks
    second choice is black watch infantry
  6. I'm going on the 23rd, ill see you there
    where abouts are you from?
    Have u got travel documentation yet?
  7. I'm going with my pokemon and a tooth brush :)
  8. Just got back from Glencorse. Got Deferred for a Heart i cant really tell you much about it :|
  9. Are you going to go back and try again?
    someone told me not to drink any fizzy juice before hand and you wont get a heart murmer is that true?
  10. Just got cleared at Glasgow Western Infirmiry, turns out I dont have a heart murmur...Doc at ADSC was wrong. Its quite possible i'll be going back same date as you. Mind you, they told me all next week was female applicants...are you a girl? or maybe I heard wrong :|
  11. No, how many other people got deferred for heart murmurs and should you already know if have one?
  12. 4 people out of about 50 got deferred for heart murmurs. There was about 10-12 deferrals in total(including bad teeth, overweight, high blood pressure...and a few with problems...downstairs. As for should you know if you already have a murmur...I really dont think so....but I didnt actuallyhave i dont know.
  13. Problems downstairs eh? What would get you a deferral in that er area?!!
  14. yeah, i've heard about something along the lines of they squeeze your balls and then you cough at the same time or something, what is that suppose to find out?
  15. Hard to believe, but someone in my group actually got deferred because his testicles were too small. I think the most common problems down there are Hernias, Cysts and Varicoceles though.