Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dale the snail, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. After hearing on the news this morning that Glastonbury has been flooded and some people have had to leave because their tents were water logged, will we be expected to send troops in to save them, or will there be foreign armed forces coming over to help them? I am sure if it was in a small village in Umbo Bungoland, we would be racing forward with a 10M aid package and 1400 troops.
  2. We will send in two packets of crisps, and a hot water bottle for those with shock, oh yes and 10p for a phone call home.
  3. Huh, i bet if the army did come in and help out all the glasto fans, they'd get nothing but hassle from the soppy bands who hate Bush and Blair.
  4. Lets borrow a few A10 Warthogs from the septics and wipe out the whole area.

    That would be a result. :D
  5. Well the US Army sent helicopters to drop food and water at Woodstock. Could be a good MACA task, but make sure you CDT everyone afterwards!
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    HM Govt are pleased to announce that the Maldivian Army complete will deploy to Glastonbury to aid the survivors. The British Army were unable to respond because no one was left to answer the phone....

    Sir Bob Geldof has said that we organsie another charity event for jumped celebrities to get their face on TV for 5 seconds in order to raise the cash. HM Govt was unable to give any money as it was too busy giving it to asylum seekers and the third world.

    The Maldivian Army (all 27 of them) said that it was their duty help countries that can't look after themselves...
  7. Damm All that quality weed ruined!
  8. I shouldnt laugh but how funny is this


    Oh wait, yes i should :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Last thing I usually say to the teenager is, ‘Don't forget your wellies...’

    Remind me next year to mention the inflatable dinghy and survival pack!

    Beebs :D:D:D:D:D:D
  10. Why send in the army when the OTC and ACF are already there in strength?. Wouldn't surprise me if Harry & his intake aren't there as well.
  11. Send in the Chinooks

    The downdraft will be guaranteed to blow over all the turdises and release all the captive otters and mersey brown trout into the floodwaters :twisted:
  12. Lo the Lord sayeth "Pitch not thy tent upon a flood-plain for when it pisseth it down thou wilt regret it."
    But the Children of Eavis were scornfull saying:" Yea, whatever, like, fascist". For they were well provisioned with the Grass that Brings Giggling and careth not being mindfull of the Telegraph-totty.
    And the Lord waxed wroth and causeth it to piss down.
  13. meh, best wash most of them have had in ages
    but im not jelous i didnt try for hours to get tickets at all
  14. Proof indeed that there is some justice in the world
  15. Absolutely, i couldnt get a ticket. Serves them right.