Glastonbury 2010

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bootifull, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. Big son will be attending Pilton fields of pleasure this year. He has just turned 16 and will be sharing a tent with 2 mates from school.

    Anyone got any tips on how to survive Glastonbury?
    Should I pack him off with Daddy's bergen full of comfy loo roll and plenty of wet wipes?
  2. Space blankets. If it all goes horribly wrong and forget where your tent is, which way is up, and lose control of your anus, the slivery clean rustliness of a space blanket which you can keep in your back pocket will keep you warm and gives you a sporting chance of not being ploughed in at the end when Michael Eavis rotates from Pop Festival back to root vegetables.

    Dirt cheap on fleabay.
  3. Any other ARRSE members going to Glastonbury this year? Shouldn't be too hard to spot - bergans, basha, compo, etc. etc.
  4. Wet wipes are a definate, make sure they avoid carrying too much, just enough quick and easy food to ensure they can start each day with something warm in them, and make sure they have plenty cash to get overpriced food (and the sense to look around for the value for money filling meals) and the sense to look after their cash.

    Think about what sort of tent they bring as many people are inclined to leave it on the last day rather than carry it for the long walk out. There are plenty cheap tents about that will survive a weekend.

    Bring clothing for both hot and wet weather, and some boots. Advise them that unlike the one year it isn't as muddy as portrayed on the news but there will be muddy paths and film crews seaking out to film people sliding in the mud.

    Have a bit of a word regarding avoiding dodgy smelly blokes selling pills, and put condoms in his pocket.

    If they are inclined to smoke something funny make sure they are not stupid enough to bring it. If arriving by train there will be sniffer dogs, if coming by coach or car the chances are they will be checked out. The police do go so far as to check out motorway services as well and 3 lads stick out.

    Mobile phones can be charged on site but they will have to queue for hours to drop off and pick up. Look out for battery & windup chargers which will be on sale there at double the price. Don't expect them to phone home much but they will need them to find each other.
  5. if they have access to a jet boil, pot noodles or packs of cheap noodles are a godsend (food ridiculously expensive)as are ratpack brewkits, disposable camera (nice ones get left in a drunken haze),sunblock and a hat (seriously, if its hot heatstroke can ruin it) and MOST importantly, a flag, preferably individually made from a pillowcase and magic markers...a small bundle of garden canes or very cheap fishing rod and some string. Said flag can then be attached to rod/cane pole lashed together with string and used to identify your tent in an endless sea of blue and green!
  6. Apart from the good advice already given (though for phone charging purposes I would recomend instead of using one of the main ones, search out a solar charged alternative in the Greenfields which will be much less expensive and with much shorter queues), I'd say try to camp on a slope (if it rains they will be thankful), try and bring something to sit on (nothing expensive though as it will probably get pinched) and have travel plans sorted out way in advance.
  7. Beer



    To be turned into...


    Job Done :D
  8. Thank ye for all replies, and keep em coming!

    The "plan" is that we get big son to Yeovil, he meets up with his mates and they get themselves to Pilton.

    I know nothing else of the "plan" I just need to have him back to school for Founders Day looking all clean and sparkly on July 8th.

    His mates have been to Glasto' before and I'm only the Mum so what would I know!!
  9. Check the weather forecast. A rubber dingy may be more appropriate than a tent.

    Edited due to flood.

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  10. Start the day off with a big fat line of charlie and a can of beer, neck 4 pills before going to see any bands, keep topping up with halfers about every hour and if you mong out, smash another line of posh into you.
    If that all comes on top a bit, chill out and have a smoke for a little while, before more pills and sniff and top the night off with a massive blast of poppers before falling face down in a puddle and waking up in the drugs awareness tent with your trainers off and someone offering you a brew. Repeat as necessary.

    Hope this puts your mind at rest.
  11. Well today is the day.
    Big son has packed and the wellies have beed discarded, he'll be getting the train to Castle Carey and a bus is laid on to the Glasto' site.

    I'm so nervous about him going, normally I can't wait for him to leave my house.

    Told him all about Stevie Wonder and that he must go and see him.