Glastonbury 2007

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by IS Ski Geek, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Having just got my tickets for glasto is anyone else going if so give me a shout and we will have a few beers.

    Unless you are a knob of course. :p
  2. Does Glastonbury have wheelchair access nowadays :D
  3. I was wondering that myself, or possibly the crutches will end up stuck in the mud, the geekster will drown, and become a permenant Glasto earthwork.

    Hope you enjoy yourself mate.
  4. did you get them on the net or by phone. we have 5 phones and 3 com[puters all trying.
  5. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Sorry m8 Its now sold out.

    I had posted and alternate number and got straight through.

    Tickets were bought by 0908.
  6. Not me, but how do I know about you?
  7. ski geek.... did u ski for the corps in the late 90s? if so.... i know u.
    the man with the dog hat!
  8. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Dog Hat ??????
  9. corps skier?
  10. Does Glastonbury have wheelchair access nowadays :D[/quote]

    Well, they do their best, but let's face it, it is a farm and it sometimes it gets muddy. I've been to Glasto every year it's been on since 1996 and I have seen a few wheelchair users on site so it must be possible for some.

    See link for some information for disabled persons:

    This link has details from disabled festival-goers personal experiences :

    P.S. And I will be there again this year and I'm not a knob. But I am not now, never have been and never will be Sigs so I'll be drinking with my medic friends at the cider bus as usual.
  11. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Partick Yup?
  12. do you have that number as there is going to be a second ticket fest on the 22nd!

    any help to a fellow IS Geek would be great!
  13. I'll be there.

    Meet you in the field by the tent?
  14. Glasto was off in 1996 wasn't it? 1995 was so hot I think it ruined all the ground.
    1997 was sheiser. The mud was nearly knee deep and apparantly a few bag-heads actually drowned in the mud whilst off their tits!