Glastonbury 08 & Amy Winehouse

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by uncle_vanya, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. I watched some of BBC2's coverage of 'Glastonbury 08' this evening. Amy Winehouse was the main attraction at that time. However, I just cannot see what people rave over her singing for. It was dreary, dull and she was slurring her voice. I just could not understand a thing she was wailing about. It certainly did nothing for me, I turned over the channel and watched NCIS.

    She also looked a tad unsteady on her feet at times, and her eyes looked glazed over. That might have been from the meds, as she has recently been in hospital. I have a feeling that she will embrace the old 'falling doon water' and the 'white powder' for the old hooter.

    She really needs to get herself sorted. She needs to forget about her junkie husband in jail, he has to face his own demons. Forget about her singing career - put it on hold. Get back into a Rehab and get real about her personal problems, else she won't have a career to continue with. Beleive you me, I have seen what addictions can do to people!!
  2. i thought her voice was ok (she's normally really good). she did that Mandela gig last night as well, probably still knackered from that.

    she looks like she tried to belt somebody in the crowd when she did her walkabout during 'rehab'

    beeb link here:
  3. You probably missed her forearm smashing some punter in the mosh pit as well. May have been deserved as I think he threw something (his lunch?) at her.

    What a darlin'.
  4. Is it me or does she look doped up in that clip? She doesn´t seem to know what planet she is on.

    Lock her in a 10ft by 10 ft room for a month, and then it to some 1 on 1 therapy.
  5. She is junkie trailer trash, I hope no one breeds from her.
  6. Agreed, funny though Plod nowhere to be seen when an obvious crime of violence has been committed. Weren't so slow with the Jock who got kicked off Big Brother, but that was warm and dry I suppose.
  7. Before it all went wrong.

  8. Absoloutely, I definitely saw some 'gunt' action last night, those post session Kebabs have got to go soemwhere.
  10. Vvaannmmaann,

    what do you mean by " before it all went wrong"

    She was born a mutated dog and will die one, albeit missing her septum due to drug abuse....
  11. Hope the crack whore dies a lonely painful death. Her performance was atrocious, total crap singing, if you could understand it through the slurring.

    What was the 15minutes of introducing her band for.

    She should have been nicked for being under the influence of drugs and the polis should have raided her dressing room.
  12. Let's face it; any FAN of Winohouse DESERVES not just a slap but a rightous shoeing!
  13. What I fail to understand is why 'creatives' apparently have an exemption clause from the normal rules of society. Why was Winehouse booked to perform at a festival attended by impressionable youngsters? Surely the organisers should strike her from the list of acceptable performers until she is clean.

    Although having said that, there don't appear to have been any impressionable youngsters there - most of the audience appeared to be people like Andrew Marr - middle aged hacks either clutching freebie tickets so they can plug the festival to the superannuated, middle-class liberals desperate to clutch on to their 'youth' or with tickets paid for from my license fee.
  14. Do you mind confirming that. Andrew Marr at Glastonbury, whatever for?

    Andrew Marr's main concern is politics and everybody knows,
    'Politics is show business for ugly people.'

    Whereas Glastonbury is,
    'Show business for show business people who are out of their heads and think they are beautiful.'
  15. Amy Winehouse has (or at least had) a fantastic singing voice. That is about the only thing going for right now as everything else in her life seems buggered. IMO she is just a messed up young woman, everyone (damned near) makes mistakes and AFAI am concerned she is free to go piss her life against the wall.

    What irritates me more is that our entire system seems to be promoting her inadequacies. Who made the decision to book her as a performer? Who decides to plaster her pictures everywhere? Why is she not arrested when she blatantly breaks laws?

    Celebrity culture pisses me off. Jade Goody is listened to FFS! A woman that is proud of her ignorance and yet she is worth millions. What sort of incentive is this for people to educate and better themselves?

    Amy Winehouse
    Pete Doherty
    Naomi Cambell
    Jade Goody
    Kate Moss
    etc etc etc

    Heroes of our time!