I wear glasses and I would like to know; should i bring my own (expensive) pair to Phase 1 or will i get a voucher or something to get a pair for training etc?

There is no problem with taking mine however as almost everything is provided for you in the Army i thought that this may also.

You will get issued some after you've had a mil eye examination. However, take a couple of cheap pairs from specsavers or something, no point wrecking yours in the field or on the range.

You won't get any money to buy new ones, but do get free eye tests once you've joined. You'll get some respirator lenses so you can see while getting gassed/APWTs.
bring your own glasses mate because the ones the army issue will make you a laughing stock,for cheap pairs goto,it is a gen website and not a piss take,all you need is your eye measurements and you can pick up some decents spec for a cheap price,I wear glasses and my advice no matter were you go pack at least two spare sets,also give contacts ago but some places they are not pratical to wear
Thought the Army ones looked a bit more like Woody Allen specials rather than Joe 90(but still old enough to remember Joe 90 first time round).Have never had the neck/need(?) to wear mine but only need them for reading so don't need them on the range-thank God.
I had this chat the other day on another thread. £100 will purchase you a pair of flexible specs (bend when you sit on/drop/kick them) from vision express. Buy the 2 year insurance they offer you and any of their stores in the country will replace the lenses for you when you've finished scratching them with your iron sights on the ranges.

Good luck with phase 1. They can't kill you. They used to say that they can't make you pregnant either, but that depends nowadays.....
They sell them in the pound shop in Aldershot (maybe not your prescription, but worth a look).

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