glasses training and deployment

to anyone who wears glasses in the infantry, just wanted to hear your thoughts on any problems youve encountered, and if its really an issue for training or deployment to (example) afghanistan?

do you wear the issue specs or wear your own?
cheers for link, but ive seen pictures and video of soldiers wearing what look to be normal specs, and the article in the link did mention problems with the curvature of the lens?
Personal choice at the end of the day. Got stuck at Whiskey ramp in KAF waiting for a flight and ended up chatting to an RAF Surgeon Wing Commander who happens to be one of the leading MoD eye surgeons, really nice bloke as well, he offered me sweeties and a look at his puppies!!!

He showed me the new ballistic glasses which are a lot better and look much more ally than the current ones. He says his work is down a tremendous amount due to the fact that people are wearing their issued eye protection so the moral of the story is????

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