Glasses through training and in the field

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jabcrosshook, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. After receiving my As results yesterday I know that I am going to join the infantry, well hope to.
    My only question/worry is about wearing glasses, I don't wear my glasses all the time because my left eye is 6/5 and my right eye is 6/7.5 so with both my eyes together in everyday life I'm fine. But I'll need to wear glasses when firing the SA80 because of my right eye, which may be fine on a range but when on exercise or op I can see them getting knocked off.
    Could anyone tell me of what they did through training, exercise and ops?
    And before I get told to wear contacts to my optician told my I'm not suitable for contact lenses.
    I've seen some people mention wiley x goggles with prescription lenses in them, would it be a good idea to purchase some of these before starting training and using these?
  2. Glasses are an absolute pain in the field. I distinctly remember doing a section attack on an exercise in heavy drizzle. I just couldn't see where I was going at all. It's hard to wipe your spectacles when your running with a GPMG.

    They mist up, fall off, get knocked off when someone hits you, blow off when driving at speed in open vehicles, the list goes on.

    If you can't wear lenses and you're looking to make a career out of it, one of the Laser surgery options might be best in the long run. This needn't stop you joining first and getting the treatment later though from what I've read on here. Otherwise, you will have a wait after the surgery before you can join.

    Can you drive without glasses? If so, you might not have too much trouble using SUSAT.

    4(T) made some very useful comments on laser surgery and contact lenses on a similar thread recently. Try searching for them.
  3. Dude, I wore issue glasses on exercises all through RMAS and they were a pain, especially in the heat when they would steam up. I'm surprised you can't get lenses as even I can get them, I am pretty fcuking blind and have a stigmatism. I use daily disposables and whilst I use more when in the field they are the easiest option.

    For training exercises I wouldn't bother - not like you desperately need to be APWT accurate with blank rounds, as long as you can get by day-to-day you'll be fine. So it's only Ops you need to worry about and I would speak to your RMO when you're actually in Bn they may be able to get some Wiley X style googles through the system.

    Good luck with training.
  4. I don't know if I can drive without them or not as I don't have a driving license or had a lesson.
    Regarding the SUSAT I thought you only got your hands on one of those past phase 2, so I heard.
    Suppose I might just wear the glasses I get given and use them through training then go for something like the wiley x goggles.
    I don't know why I can't wear contacts but last time I went to the opticians he put on my presciption that I was unsuitable for contact lenses.
  5. re susat it depends on what you go for, after week 12 in inf you get them. ask the optician the reason why you can't wear contacts. There are a lot of specky maleckies in the forces. that use gigs and contacts so dont let it hinder you if you really want to join. look on the bright side you will get the best contaceptives known to man ie mil spec glasses (jack duckworth eat your heart out)
  6. Not a great success then? Seriously though as stated glasses are a pain in the arse. However, i have never managed to use contacts in the field very well, but most people manage.
  7. No, not a great success story, I wanted to join the infantry in the end but didn't know if I was going to be able to stay on next year, it was slightly obvious that I wasn't going to after I got dropped fromt he ICT class and was down to two subjects. Sixthform never was really my thing anyway, I hated the everyday routine of everything being the same and sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher going on and on and on whilst writing down some notes. I wanted to do something abit more satisfying and fulfilling. Well I got an E and a U because too be honest I didn't try and couldn't care less. The only reason why I'd have stayed on is for the easy life for the next year but I'm just going to be doing what I wanted to do at the end of sixthfom a year earlier and most sixthformers were a pain in the arse anyway.
  8. With the SUSAT don't you have to wear glasses then because it's a 4x optical sight?
    Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Well, putting the glasses question aside, ask yourself "Do I want to be an infantryman more than anything else in the world?"
    If you do, go ahead and join and worry about the glasses later.

    If you're not sure, think of what other things you might be interested in doing and spend a year or two at college doing some sensible and worthwhile course on the topic. You can join TA while you do so and you've still got ten years or more to join the infantry.

    Hope this helps.

    ( I was in your position twenty years ago. Not sure I got it right though!)
  10. Optical sights are, in general terms, easier to use than iron sights if your vision is less than perfect. I don't know what your right eye prescription means in the real world so I can't give a definitive answer.

    PM me, I might be able to settle this for you.
  11. It magnifies it doesn't focus. A 4x bigger blur is still pretty blurry!
  12. True but you don't know the true nature of his vision defect (unless you're an opthalmic optician) ;) . It might not be a major problem. Hard to tell over the internet!
  13. Right 6/7.5 means I can see something at 6 metres that someone can see at 7.5 metres. My left eye is 6/5 which means I can see something at 6 metres that someone with normal vision can see at 5 metres, which makes my left eye better than average.
    With my right eye though it doesn't mean there's a blur, stuff just looks slightly further away, for example small lettering I can't see at certain distances with my right eye because it looks too small but it's not blurred if you get me?! According to the optician I have healthy eyes except my right one isn't that good regarding visiual acuity, if that's spelt right.
    As asked yes this is what I want more than anything else, so I'm going to go for it and think about glases later, for now I'm going to go see the optician and see why can't wear contacts and if there is a way around it, maybe it's because I don't need to wear them all the time?!
  14. PM me jarrod, I'll send you some.
  15. Glasses are a pain in the hoop had mines in their case whilst doing a march and shoot LSW slug over the back and must have been banging on the case pulled them out and snapped frames :evil: plus the issue ones you get make you look like joe 90 or watch any footage of vietnam and see the skelpers they had issues very similar to them