glasses situation .. HELP!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by thehitman, May 18, 2009.

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  1. i wear glasses and i was just wondering does anyone think i could struggle out on exersises and on the shooting range? i have looked through recent topics but cant seem to find an answer .. thanks lads ;)
  2. You'll be fine if you use superglue
  3. ok thanks mate
  4. i wear glasses all the time m8..mainly saturday nights...but i think they are referred to as beer goggles.. :D
  5. hahaha i can agree with you there :D
  6. You've seen his bird too?!?!
  7. now now albert thats not nice
  8. I wear glasses whenever I shoot on the range and its not a problem unless you put your eye too close to the sight, the the kickback knocks them and they squash your eye a bit lol.
    Just take a spare pair if you can and the ones from specsavers come with the scratch resistant stuff so they don't get scratched etc
  9. haha ...i cant believe you have both seen her ..i am utterly ashamed,but please just believe me...IT WAS THE GOGGLES!!!!!!
  10. ok then it was the goggles i swear lolol :D
  11. ok thanks mate i havent got a spare pair , but if they break i will just have to tape them up lol ;)
  12. if not for exercises and that thing where you may brake your expensive glasses why dont you go down to tescos you can pick them cheap ones up for a few quid so wouldnt matter to if u were bugging out and accidently steped on them or wotever
  13. There are ultra-fashionable service issue glasses available, if you don't mind looking like this spam:
  14. lmao nice one!!!
  15. I am severely shortsighted - probably 20/1000 - and in the OTC. I've had glasses steam up at night while wearing a shemagh. Not helpful when you just barely make out the outline of the guy tabbing in front of you. So far I've managed not to destroy them, although I have destroyed glasses in camping expeditions elsewhere.

    They are really not helpful at all with the SUSAT - I can't get a good sight picture, I just have to make do. Higher magnification sniper scopes such as that on the L115 and that 50cal Royal Engineers thing seem fine, since they're meant to have distance between the eye and the eyepiece.

    You can't use daily contact lenses in the field unless you manage to clean off the cam cream, burnt cordite residue, oil and mud off your hands. When you're in camp they should be ok as long as you don't mind wearing them for the Army's sometimes crazy working hours, but to be honest if you're training to fight in Afghanistan, then you have to find a more permanent solution.

    I asked my Harley street opthalmologist about extended-wear contact lenses and he told me in no uncertain terms that the risk of infection with them is simply too high if worn when sleeping, which you'd obviously have to do in the field.

    The solution left is either to get some sort of tough ballistic glasses with prescription inserts or laser eye surgery. I'm still only 19 so my eyes are still growing, leaving me getting ESS ICE glasses with inserts, all in all about £90 once you consider my high prescription.

    Basically my experiences even in the OTC - hardly the most demanding of environments! - have convinced me to get laser eye surgery as essential before my dream of an infantry tour of Afghanistan. LASIK, LASEK and PRK are the only ones approved by the military - says a RN/RAF-clearing doctor at the Holborn, London AFCO - and that will leave you a total of £1000-4000 out of pocket and with increased risk of retinal detachment, and with a 80ish% chance of perfect vision 3 months after the operation. You won't have to worry about contact lens hygiene or smashing glasses, and one good point is that you can simply wear any sunglasses instead of having to get expensive prescription ones.

    You weighs up the pros and cons and you takes your choice. You will survive with ordinary glasses in the UK - getting some backup ones is a good idea - and as another thread details you will get ESS ICE issued with inserts when you deploy, but to be honest nothing beats good eyes.