Glasses or Contacts ??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by charlie27989, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. In April I start my basic trainning at catterick but im not sure wether to take contact or glasses or even both.. As the contacts i have to gotta take out before you sleep..
    Any advice would be great :D
  2. glasses as you will need respirator specs also
  3. You need glasses; contacts aren't practical for exercises as you may have to wake up and start performing instantly without time to put your eyes in and for CBRN you will need glasses; CS gas doesn't mix with contacts.
  4. Does the army know that you require glasses? if not your just building up problems for yourself. During training i wouldnt recomend wearing contacts, you can get glasses off the internet for as little as £15 their no fashion statment but if you happen to put the ironsite through them on the range its not the end of the world. If you just wear contacts youll have problems when your in the field there isnt time to be pissing about putting them in and taking them out. the worst that will happen is that youll be called 'joe 90' or 'speccy twat'.
  5. Contacts and filthy hands are a good recipe for an eye infection. If you are going to wear lenses bear in mind that Brolene is the only over the counter medication that will zap the worst kind - acanthanomeaba.

    Any medic doing a deep patrol could do worse than stick a tube in the kit, because this sh*t will blind you. The only downside is trying to avoid the tube becoming contaminated once opened - really it's one tube per victim.
  6. Take both - and make sure that when you do go on exercise you have your specs with you. I take my contacts out before I sleep and it isn't a major problem.
  7. What he said. If you are not a biff with your lenses you'll work out when best to wear them and when not.
  8. You can get contact lenses that you can wear 24/7 for 30 days at a time. I get my soft, permeable, toric lenses from Specsavers and they cost £15 per month. They are great for normal use ... although not sure how the gas chamber would affet them!

    They would be great on exercise and in the field though and will allow you to wake up and be ready to go.

    I can't recommend them highly enough (and I've been wearing glasses/lenses for 36 years).
  9. A monocle is the way ahead - all the rage at the moment in the Army - tip up sporting one and you will fit in perfectly.
  10. Trouble maker.
  11. when i start ill be wearing a monocle
    i hope im allowed to wear my top hat too.
    i wonder if theyll let me mount my antelopes head on the wall? 8O
  12. The lenses would be fine, probably no damage at all. Your corneas, on the other hand, are likely to be significantly damaged, possibly permanently. Don't do it.
  13. The Americans have had a laser prog for ages. If you trained up a couple of army docs and actually bought the latest Allegretto laser (there's a recession on, so say £300,000 for state of the art kit), it needn't be expensive, and if you stuck to surface treatments for low prescriptions it needn't be (overly) risky.

    Alternatively, you reach a deal with Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and Barts to pay (say) £500 a soldier if you agree to send 20 at a time and do most of your own check ups - it's checking eye pressures and watching out for cataracts caused by steroid drops that takes up the chair time.

    Something could be done pretty easily, but (ideally) people would have to wear UV protection for as long as possible afterwards (ideally a year).