Glasses in the RAC?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Spanglish, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Hi,
    Although i've used the search function on the site the answer has still not proved definitive. Some people on here have said that glasses present no problem in the RAC, yet the ACIO staff have previously said it's a no-no wearing glasses, and recently have said..we'll see depending on the opticians results.
    In short, this has left me confused..and, I was wondering if anyone could provide a certain answer and, if applicable, the dioptre limits -3,-2.5 etc..
    Many Thanks.
  2. A mate of mine had a similar problem with the RAF. He was told that he did not have perfect 20-20 vision and that this would deem him unsuitable (not that this flaw has affected him in any way). I suggested to him that maybe the army air corp was a good alternative...he is under the impression that they are more leniant and forgiving in this aspect but I do not know their official stance. have you checked the RAC site (presuming it has one) or you may just have to contact the chaps at your recruiting office.
  3. fusil, are you actually serving?
  4. five-alpha: no, I am in the latter stages of AOSB (main in august) I just comment on things like this because I have either gone through some of it or know those who have, in this case my friend...(see above)
  5. If you can't drive and are learning to you wouldn't give out advice to other learner drivers.

    There is a wealth of knowledge the lurk these boards, so don't feel the need whenever someone seeks advice, unless its an area of expertise like squeezing zits or spending student grants.
  6. I admittedly do not know much about the eye exams and such which is why I checked the thread because I almost thought it could have been someone I knew (because of the similar experience a friend of mine had). Anyway I gave him the same advice my friend received.

    I have a sympathy to the newbies (being one myself) and like to help where possible.

    Does this mean you dont love me anymore MDN...
  7. How can you help, when you know feck all.
    Time to get this RAC forum back into order methinks, now im back
  8. Fusil - although any effort to help is appreciated; if for no other reason than to draw attention to the thread, in the original post did say i'd already spoken to the ACIO recruiters.

    I have as yet to find any information on the internet regarding the topic and the Online careers office seems to constantly say everything is perfect to get more people down to the ACIO; who may then get side-tracked onto another career path as they aren't eligible for their chosen corps.

    Any help on the topic would be much appreciated as i'd prefer find out sooner rather than later if i'm not eligible for the RAC.
  9. Cant give advice on eye diowatsit level thingys, but i knew people wearing glasses in RAC and know of a couple now wearing glasses in the RAC, however dont take that as you'll get in. As they change the rules as they go along.

    But at least you know there are people currently serving wearing glasses, unless you wear milk bottles then you are fecked
  10. fusil89 - there is a world of difference between flying and ground-based roles. 20-20 would have been for Aircrew training and certainly not for the rest of the RAF. Just hang around and listen a bit more rather than giving us the benefit of your 'experience'.
  11. There is a lot of bad advice given. My pal was told categorically he couldn't be a pilot in the RAF because he had a thin pair of specs, joined as an engineer, and the first thing he sees is that half the pilots have specs.

    The general rule in the army used to be -7 to +8; Mr Magoo to Eddie the Eagle. I would have thought within that there would be other rules re flying and the like.

    But people who claim to know what has to happen are also kidding themselves; I know plenty of people who have had a rule waived because i) the machine at Sutton Coldfield wasn't working, ii) the doctors looked at each other and said, "Well, it is the AGC after all"......and so on.
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Right - did 22 years, all bar first 18 months as RAC crewman, wore specs on entry and on exit. There are however strict rules on correction with specs that you will need to get ACIO and further advice FROM THOSE QUALIFIED TO GIVE SAID ADVISE.

    RAF types with specs. Yes there where and possibly are still pilots who wear specs. This could be the result of failed sight once you are in. Normal practise was for pilots to revert to SP AC role aka Rob Andrew who moved from jet to herc and it must have been a better reason than he was a crap rugby player.

    PS: Before you ask. Contacts on panzers with all that shit/dust/oil around can be a nightmare
  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I am sure that throughout my time, the eye component of my PULHEEMS was 8/1, 8/1 where 8 was blind as a bat without glasses and 1 was totally corrected with glasses.

    My brother was selected for Cranwell in the late 50s having been on the brink of flying solo with the Air Cadets (it might have been Space Cadets mind). When his entry medical reported that he was just short-sighted enough to need glasses and he would never pilot an RAF aircraft, he walked away.
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Seconded. I took to contacts in 1980 just in time for three weeks on Ex Javelin / Spearpoint. The dust flying from four British, an American and a German armoured division all hammering around in the autumn dust meant the air was permanently thick with it.

    I spent my time map-reading from the top of my Ferret with my left hand permanently shading my eyes from the dust. I was rather anti sunglasses cos I had just lashed a month's salary on contact lenses. I quickly got over that.