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Discussion in 'RAC' started by ohbugger2007, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. can i wear glasses in the rac i cant seem to find the info anywhere even on websites :x my eyesite aint to bad i can see a taliban about a mile away but wen ur using thermal sights it dont matter.
  2. Of course you can, just make sure you have at least 2 spare pairs. I was ok when we had the S6 gas mask as I had the stick in/plug in billy bunter/john lennon specs. Then along came the S10 and was told you will get "prescription" eye pieces. in almost 10 years I never got a whiff of prescription gas mask eye pieces. I wonder has it at last been sorted ?

    The main answer is YES you can were specs, in fact I would state that specs are better than contact lenses as they are not affected by dirt and grit. OK maybe contact lenses have improved in the last 12 years since I last wore green but I can clearly recall the discomfort of lens wearers on excercise whilst we old fashioned "bins" people never had a problem.
  3. I wore contact lenses for the first time just before we went to Omagh NI in April 73 and I am still wearing them today. As Tiny says, wearing contacts on exercise did pose problems but with the advancement of technology, you can now get extended wear lenses which you leave in your eyes for quite a long time. During my time in NI I often kept my lenses in when on OPs - up to 3 days at a time - which went against all the ethics of contact lens wear at that time, but no damage was done. Given the options, I would opt for extended wear contact lenses.
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    Yeah you get the inserts when you go through Phase 1, try getting the prescription upgraded and you'll hit a brick wall. I tried for 5 years and gave up.
  5. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I wore glasses and everything was fine. I got contact lenses and first time I wore them in the field was ex Javelin (pre-Spearpoint, 1980). Discovered to my horror that all these years the glasses had been protecting me from dust and spent the rest of the exercise shading me eyes from the dust. They cost me a month's net salary.

    I wore softs. There was no, take them out, wash them and throw away after a month. There were no daily disposables. there were no extended wears. I was expected to wear one pair for life and take them out and wash them.

    In fact I found that I could tolerate slleping in them even though the instructions clearly said not to. They'd sting in the morning but once the eyes got moist they'd be fine. It oughtn't to have done my eyes any good, but I neither did they actually cause any long-term damage.

    After a lo-o-o-ong time the protein build-up became intolerable and, having left the army and now working in air-conditioned offices where forced air did my eyes no favours, I gave up.

    I restarted a couple of years ago, then at Christmas I decided to try monthly continuous wear lenses. I have to say they have transformed me. They say I can wear them for a month non-stop or I can take them out and wash them nightly or weekly or whenever.

    My current pair have been in my eyes three weeks non-stop, though usually I tend to take them out for one Saturday night after two weeks, then again after three (and throw them at month-end). They are fine.

    For the first time since I was about 6, I lie in my bed and I can see detail. There is no cleaning regime unless I choose to.

    If I were still in, serving in Recce would be bliss compared with the 1980s.
  6. Wearing glasses allows you to become the cream of the crop a "Schools Gunnery Instructor" teach anything hit F*** all from the gunners seat but talk a good shoot. Specs are OK just got to watch when you take your head out the sight they don't get stuck in the brow pad!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I tried to get in the TA about 7 years ago (Royal Wessex Yeo) but was told due to my eyesight (chart, what chart?) that they would quite happily sign me up for radio and infantry, but wouldnt accept me for armour as they wouldnt allow someone with glasses drive a tank. This was around the time they were redeploying as a armoured delivery squadron. In retrospect I think they were trying to run RGH squadron down, but it was particularly depressing when I saw a Challenger2 commander on the television wearing thicker glasses than mine. :roll: