Glasses in infantry, no go?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by edd1989, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Hi
    I am interested in joining the infantry and let the enemy "eat lead"!
    On a more serious note I want to join because I can't see myself working in an office doing white-collar work or working in some sort of crappy retail department store. So what is there better to do than serve my country, meet some good people and try to give this fcuked up world a small hand.
    The only problem comes with that I wear glasses. Can you wear glasses in the infantry? My personal though would be no, but infantry is the only thing I would really see(sorry about the pun) myself doing in the army. If I were given a free choice, ideally in an ideal world I would want to be a sniper. I know stupid deluded kid who doesn't know what he is talking about. But if I am good enough. I realize that, if it were allowed, glasses and the infantry would be stretching it let alone a sniper.
    Any thoughts on this would be great.
  2. There's a $hitload of guys in the inf who wear glasses. Talk to your local Careers office, they will allay any fears before you commit. Good Luck
  3. I had no interest in the Army. I wanted to be an RAF pilot. When I went to the RAF Careers Office, I was told flat, "Pilots can't wear glasses. The only flying job available is Loadmaster." Sod that, I wanted to be the driver, not the passenger.

    I joined the TA Infantry instead - there was no problem. Two legs, two arms, counted the fingers - there were enough, I passed the medical.

    Recruit Camp - Shape, Shine, Shadow, Silhouette and Movement (Sound came in later). "Corporal, my glasses will reflect light." "Put cam cream on the lenses." "Then I won't be able to see!" .. pause... "You won't be able to go on patrol."

    I did go on patrol - there's no way that you'd say, "I can't go, I wear glasses and my recruit-training corporal said I was exempt."

    You've just got to be a bit more responsible than the people who don't get their eyes checked regularly. Personally, I wouldn't go for sniper for the simple reason that if it rained, I'd be a liability. The Army won't stop you. There are plenty of other jobs in the Army, many of which are in the Infantry, if that's where your heart lies (and I don't believe any other discipline can beat the cameraderie).
  4. A friend of mine I have known for years who wore glasses since I knwhim just had laser eye surgery now he has 20/20 vision something to consider if it can be applied in your case. When on ops he just stocked up on contact lenses another option.

    Either way good luck mate admire your spirit trust me reality will be a lot different, but if you are up for the challenge go for it you will never know unless you try.

  5. From what I know you cannot have laser eye surgery when you apply to the army, but if you "happen" to get it by mistake while serving then I don't think they will kick you out for it. This is what I've heard anyway
  6. Contact. Lenses.

  7. I have had a full and exciting career in the infantry to date, and wear contact lenses. Daily disposables work, but there comes a few times (sand mixed with wind and all that) when specs may be better.

    In fact I have a mucker who is an apache pilot and he wears contacts.

    So don't worry, unless your sight it criminally bad (i.e you and David Blunkett share a dog) then nothing should stop you.

    Good luck, and thanks of thinking to serve your country.
  8. Thanks for that. If you want to post in the Inf forum, post sensibly or fcuk off to whichever board you normally inhabit. See how your posts disappear when you post bone drivel?

    And no, this is not a democracy....

    As for the question, I'm in the same boat as The Chancellor. Contacts didn't prove a problem on TELIC although the daily disposables had to be binned for a few days and I had to revert back to a set which could be left in for up to two weeks.

    Anybody out there know what is the min standard diopter wise? Suggest you find out and then get your optician to confirm whether you meet the standard.

    There are a shed-load of different lenses now which can be used for varying periods of time, which should suit you in the field. That said, you'll always need a back-up pair of specs. Oh, and a word on CS training, make sure if you are wearing lenses, that you mask in time, CS on contacts is not a fun experience!! As for laser eye surgery, at present because the MoD is so backward (contact lenses frowned upon until recently) you aren't supposed to get it done, that said, plenty of my mates have and it hasn't caused a prob, although clearly with any surgery comes risk.

    Hope you get to join up, and there's no reason at all, should you possess the requisiste field skills, that you could not qualify as a sniper.
  9. I was in the infantry and wear glasses. What you have to consider is how good your eyesight is without them, should they get knocked off.

    Another consideration is when putting on a respirator, just takes you a bit longer. Best thing to do is speak to your recruiting Sergeant, there should be one from your local regiment at your local office. They would be able to advise.
  10. Thanks for your replies, I am planning on going down to my friendly, local careers office on Friday just to have a general chat and find out what my options are.
    I wear contact lenses at the moment anyway, daily disposals, I would wear them during training. But like the The_Chancellor says I’ll need my glasses in case of a problem in the field. I just though, like with the RAF, glasses and infantry were like Catholics and condoms
    With regard to laser eye surgery. It has been on the radar since I though about joining. Only problem is I would need to be 21 to get it done. This is because I would only get it done by this guy who charges a sh$t load (what are parents for) but he is the best in the UK at laser eye surgery, definitely one of the best in the world. It is not snobbery or anything like that, its just I don't want to be 21 and blind.
    So basic summary of laser eye surgery is, don't get it done before you join, but sneak it in there when there not looking, however it is frowned upon.
    I still don't know why I want to be a sniper. Probably just seen too many movies, but it looks like a good challenge. Besides I am really into bush craft (Ray Mears style).
    How exactly do you become a sniper anyway? Do you:

    1: Fill out a form (I realize there would be a selection process, but how would I get to the selection process)
    2: Get selected out of excellence
    3: Cry
    4: Sleep with the Staff Sergeant

    Thanks again
  11. I would still advise waiting a few years, your eyes keep changing till about 25/26, and you dont want to get them lasered at 21 just to need glasses again in a few years. I reccommend contacts you can wear for 30 day periods (inc sleeping).

    And the british military really doesnt make much use of snipers, so even if you get selected to train you probably won't do much.
  12. steer clear of laser eye surgery, unless you get the full gen on its limitations. at altitude and in the extreme cold you get tunnel vision. IIRC beck "where's my nose and don't leave me up here you motherlesses" wethers had his problems on everest in 96 because of laser eye surgery.

    old climbing acquaintance got binned off a course due to mysterious improvements in his eyesight

    weekly disposals are good. in day 1 out day 7, no mess no fuss in between unless you use a sandblaster as a hair dryer.
  13. I wear glasses most of the time but in the field I use those contact lenses you can wear for a month or dailys and I have had no problems. Don't bother with laser surgery as if you eyes are quite bad it doesn't give you perfect vision and the army does not approve of it as the long term affects are not really known. Go for daily contact lense, there the best.
  14. I'd say this is wrong.
  15. not wrong per se, but the traditional use of (battalion) snipers. ie, headshots of important 'top of the hierachy' type shoots don't happen a great deal, but the sniper teams are available to bn, bde etc. as well trained and capable forward observers/op teams. and failing that they always seem to do well at bisley :lol: