glasses in basic training

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stockers, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. hiya, im going to bassingbourn in august and wondered what the score is with glasses? do i need to bring a few pairs of my own (1 to wear and few spares) or do they get issued straight away? ive also been wondereing what happens when wearing a repirator?

    cheers stockers
  2. Yes. No. Suffocate.
  3. You can get some really trendy issue specs, which are hard-wearing for the field, but as they look awful you'll want your own for most of the time. You also get a pair of ressie specs which fit over the top of your respirator for CBRN.
  4. Fcuk me, they must look funny, mine always fitted underneath. :omfg:
  5. its always good to carry a spare pair in your bergan when on ex
  6. Fair enough; never worn any so I'll bow to experience. I always imagined a pair of outsized Harry Potter specs though :lol:
  7. You dont get nhs specs issued until after basic, same with cbrn speccys which fit inside the ressy.
    Take a couple of pairs
  8. I would recommend Daily Disposable contacts if you i) can afford the outlay (mine are <GBP 25.00 for 30pr) ii) have no "problem" / allergies in wearing them and iii) your prescription is supported. I did basic and served three years in glasses (with "Oi, Joe 90" comments; it was pre-Harry Potter) and was "OK" with them, but found they would steam up if wearing a helmet and doing a lot of tabbing, especially at night and in colder weather. Found contacts were the way forwards. Also they do not get rain on them or the like as “blinking” keeps them clean.

    You can wear daily disposables for more than 24hrs (my record was two weeks with one pair; but I do not recommend it), but if you take some extras in your Bergen, you should be OK: Less bulk and weight and no chance of breaking them.

    Just my two-penneth worth: Spec-Savers are where mine come from. If you get a move on you may be able to get all in place before you head off. AND they send them in the post to the address of your choice – Block, Basha, Guardhouse etc… You need to set up a direct debit for the scheme I have, but you may be able to purchase 30 / 60 / 90pr as a “one off” if you are happy to wear glasses for “day to day” stuff and just go for the lenses on Ex, Assault Cse etc.

    Good luck - specs or not!
  9. Are you ginger, fat and have an aura of mildy repellant BO ?

    These qualities SHOULD draw the attention away from the metal hinge that hangs off your face
  10. The ones we used to get issued for wear with a ressi had plain stainless, round frames and sort of flat, spring-steel sides. However, this was at a time when John Lennon started sporting much the same model (but more expensive), so we four-eyes used to wear them all the time for the "trendy" look.:D

  11. They are not NHS specs.

    They are NS specs - as in "No Sex" - trust me, I've been wearing glasses all day, ever since I was 8, and I've never, ever, not ever in all my born days seen a set of uglier frames, even on an American . . . .

    Beware contact lenses (even Daily Disposables) - they are not intended for round the clock wear, in conditions of extreme tiredness and low hygiene.

    Save those for after Basic Training - you don't wanna run the risk of being back-termed for avoidable sore eyes.

  12. Pah, red arrse.
  13. Perhaps I should have added "'in the year the Beatles released their first No 1 record" :wink:
  14. The who ?
  15. You deaf?

    Not The Who - The Beatles . . . .FFS . . . younger generation . . . . :roll: