glasses / goggles / contacts / ??

hey folks, quick question if you dont mind. :?

After alot of arguing with myself what i want to do in the army i have pretty much made my mind on going with infantry rather than RAC.

However im my only concern is not my eyesight, im ok with that, the main problem im worried bout should i joni the infantry is what do i do about my glasses etc steaming up / falling off etc.

ive heard of some chaps getting themselves goggles such as
with precription inserts but are they allowed / frowned upon / make my unit look stupid :x . Just curious atm since its playing on my mind alot. Dont really want to be on ex or training and not being able to see much :oops: .


and sorry if its such a bone question


Not a bone question.

Can you wear contacts? I use 2-week disposables (e.g you can wear them for that long without taking them out). I try to take them out at night even on ops if in a base, but always keep a second pair ready to go in.

I think in training we had to wear glasses- no idea why. We were made to wear bad issue things.

Probably best to wait until you are there, and I wouldn't suggest you spend loads of money yet on prescription lenses.
I can't give a definitive answer, but the army (inc. the Infantry) is full of people who wear glasses. Don't worry about it.

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