Glasses for shooting with?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by here_be_mike, May 27, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, not sure if this is the best place to ask or not so sorry in advance. Anyway heres what may seem like a wahh or a right stupid question, but im in the OTC and need glasses which isnt the greatest things to be wearing when on the range or on exercise, and just found out the shape of my eye is too screwed up to be able to wear contacts. But the nice people down spec savers did say that Safty Specs could be made for me, looking at the frames the glasses are pretty big and dont look practical for wearing on the range or exercise with a kevlar on the head. Now i know you can get ballistic glasses for firing, but does anybody know if you can get them in prescription form? Dont mind paying a bit of money for them as i plan to be in the OTC for a good few years and possibly sign up after uni.

    Thanks guys
  2. Sorry, need special spec because your a spaz ???

    Would you like boots with a built up heel as well ??

    Normal specs are fine, get on with it
  3. Agreed with polar69, was cadets and now am at the otc, In six years have never felt the need to splurge out on special specs. Find somewhere that does 2 for 1 offers, get a pair that are pretty sturdy and keep them as your exercise pair and let them get scatched to feck, and get a gucci pair for ordinary uni stuff. Memoflex glasses are billed as being unbreakable , not true as was drunkenly demonstrated by a mate who had to wear them for the rest of the week looking like an old codger due to the bandages holding the bridge together. (hence the two pairs, one for back up). Also if on exercise take a few of the leg screws with you cause its a pain in the arrse trying to find one of the wee screws in the middle of a harbour area. Also if you walk on to a range wearing special balistic glasses what do you think the reaction of your PSI's will be????
  4. Thats a good point BAS i can see my SSM ripping the royal piss out of me :p Just wasnt too sure how normal specs would last as my JUO told me to get contacts as frames break to easily form his expericance. So tough frames seemed logical since my names down for cambrian and shooting teams.

    Nah polar id prefer bright yellow glittery boots, and a tutu to go with my timmy mallet spaz frames.
  5. Surely if your specs break whilst you're firing you can claim for them on the unit insurance?
  6. Do they still issue the old type jap sniper specs ????
  7. To be honest though you can get prescription shooting glasses that are made specifically for shooting see link:
    but as per previous poster can normally get a 2nd pair from any decent optician that are a bit more rugged and will withstand exercise and ranges as imagine if you went on ops in the sand pit getting contact lens cleaner etc etc might be a wee problem
  8. Probably not. When you fill in the form for respirator lenses, you have the option of having "defence spectacles" issued. If you wear these and they get broken, it's just an exchange job. If you choose to wear your own, then surely it's down to you.

    As far as ballistic specs are concerned, one day the MOD will issue them as standard. When this day comes, those who wear glasses will get prescription ballistics for free!

    As far as the original question is concerned, yes, you can get them, but it's a lot cheaper just to ensure that you've got the correct eye relief.
  9. Do not listen to him FFS :x , If he is saying that your glasses might break whilst firing, presuming he's talking about the effect of recoil?. The cnut obviously can't hold a rifle correctly. The eye piece of the SUSAT is meant to brush against the eyebrow,(do not look through it like you would through a telescope , cause by the end of the day you will look like a visitor from another planet) therfore as long as the rifle is correctly held tight in against your shoulder, you should have no probs. As for contacts, by all means get them for civvy street but, you're talking about doing cambrian, have you done it before??? Do you honestly think you will have enough time to fiddle with your eyes during you're rest period,if you get any, and then there is the hygene factor. Your hands will be covered in crud, get a bit trapped behind your contacts and you ( and the rest of the section ) will certainly know about it, cause you will end up with something resembling occular gonohorrea.Get a pair of toughened ones, and contacts for nights off/ on the pull.
    As for the issue glasses, not only do they look like 1950's leftovers, as you surely know the otc is so far down the pecking chain( and rightly so) it would be a right pain in the arrse trying to get a set. The question about claiming back if it breaks, there was an article in soldier mag a few months back who broke his glasses , didn't have a spare set, couldn't claim back the cost of a new set and had to wear the issue ones, apparently he had the al shine rrrripped out of him. To cover for breakages, get kit insurance, most polocies are a tenner a month if that and it covers all you're kit , laptop the lot. If you are serious about becomming a cambrianer you will be buying some gucci kit over the next few months, and things do have a tendancy to go walkies, especially in transit camps, where otc's spend the majority of thier time.

    out a sheer curiosity what UOTC are you with? P.M me , i think i might know you and im going back to recruit trng after a year off and would like to grip the fool thats been teaching you wrong,or find out if it s being taught wrong in general.

  10. He could always wear the month long night and day contacts - as they can be worn for upto a month...
  11. not very helpful I know, but weapons are best to use for shooting, glasses just don't have the range or power to do any damage
  12. True , but from what I can gather you can't go from wearing no contacts at all , straight to monthly contacts, you eyes need to get use to wearing contacts and need rest periods. So you start off wearing dailies for a while, then weeklys then after your eyes have become acustommed you can move on to monthly disposables, This ain't gospel, im not an optician just a short sighted engineer thats had a squint at the whole contacts/laser eye surgery/glasses situation and have found ordinary contacts for ordinary days and glasses for FTX's the best solution. Then again each to their own and if it was just a day down the ranges im sure Mike could get away with just wearing contacts.
  13. No im not on cambrian yet, wanted to go this year but the training is taking place during the first month of uni and i have too many labs at that point to miss, aiming for next year though and well aware i need gucci kit for it, dont mind as i plan to be in the OTC for a few years with the possibility of going RCB at the end. But as you said, contacts would be a pain on cambrian and on general exercise hence why i was thinking glasses, but thought regular ones may break too easily on exercise, like you said BAS the arm screws come out so take spares and standard safetyspecs are too big to work alongside the kevlar helmet. So all that led to decent shooting glasses and for on exercise to spot, none of the contacts hassle especialy since my optician just told me i cant get dailies as my eyes are monged in shape! 8O Ill see how i get on during summer training using my old specs.

    Oh and BAS you dont need to train your eye up to monthly contacts (Daily -> weekly -> monthly), you can put them in on their own but your eyes hurt like crap for a few days! Monthy contacts are the only ones i can get and i dont want to wear monthly, only wanted dailys for that occasional few days of the year i need to see properly without glasses. Oh my my JUO wasnt breaking his glasses when firing the rifle, he was meaning on general exercise like you said.
  14. In the days of the SLR, the lenses of my glasses regularly got dinged by the rear sight as I could never achieve the correct eye relief. With the SA80, I dropped a lens as a result of not adjusting the sight before firing. The chances of losing a screw is slim. Best to just carry a spare pair - get a pair with curls (those springy things at the ends of the arms) as they won't drop off and you can even swim without much risk of losing them.
  15. Do defence specs still come in the Elvis Costello / Morrisey frames or has the army moved onto the ninetys yet ?