Glasses / Eyesight Questions

I did a search, but if I'm being a mong and this is answered someplace else, then I apologise :roll:

I'm looking to join the Infantry and am wondering what eyesight requirements there are.

My situation is that my eyesight is just below 20/20 or whatever proper eyesight is called now - I can drive without glasses (by law) and the only times I would wear them would have been at school or similar to read the small writing on a board/screen if I was towards the back of the room.

During a normal day I never put on my glasses, and I don't really notice my slightly crap eyesight unless I want to read something at a distance.

My main question is as I don't wear glasses all the time, barely for more than a couple of hours a week, is it still worth getting the optician's form filled out & returned? Will it just complicate things, or end up having to wear glasses all the time?

Ideally I'd like to just be able to put on my glasses if and when I need them, say to read something at distance.

Also, the form suggested that I take it back to the recruiter, so does that mean I wouldn't place it with my medical records, or I send it seperately, or I just bring it with me when I get told to come to the AFCO again?

What's the general thinking on this, do I still fill out the form but say I don't normally wear them or ?

Any help is much appreciated,

Thanks in advance


P.S. Thanks for moving it to the right place :)
Just do as you're told. You don't need to think.

It's good practice for later.
If you travell to america and join up in the air force they will let you fly an A-10 over Iraq without your glasses.
(youll have to listen to some hillbilly bluegrass banjo music though)
I've got crap eyesight and my night vision is exceptionally poor. I got by tho, walked into a few trees/trenches in the dark!. Was well chuffed when SA80 was issued (I was the Tom with two SUSAT sights and a bungee).
Get the form filled out; you don't want to have any chance of flunking the RSC because you weren't entirely "honest". I thought those optician reports went with the rest of the med sh1t to the RSC in question.

I have a feeling the eyesight requirements for the inf are 6/12 (but certainly not even a tiny bit worse..) in the right eye, but you can be blind as anything (think it's 6/30) in the left eye. You could just claim you're struggling with the chart because you can't read anyway.

Thanks for the help, guess I was thinking too much heh.

I'll get the from filling out asap.

Self edited for being a smartarse.

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