Glass Changing From Transparent to Opaque

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Stanchion, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the science principle behind this effect.

    I was on a train in Kyushu, Japan and while the train was in motion, the glass separating the driver's cab
    from the passenger coach was transparent.

    When arriving at the station, he flicked a switch (presumably) and the glass became (almost) opaque.

    There was nothing mechanical like blinds or shutters involved and the glass stayed that way until
    starting off again.

    Although I've not seen it elsewhere, it may well be common- I'm just curious how they manage the effect.

  2. I had something similar in my 10 Tonne AEC, as soon as you tried to drive it off road the top hose blew off, ******* Turkish bath in the cab....he's probably boiling some noodles!
  3. Condensation mate. You can draw smiley faces on it.
  4. Did you not ask the driver?

    "Ahhhhh, glasshopper"
  5. Same sort of tech as your digital watch

  6. Many thanks for that.

    As the effect in the train cab was pretty well instantaneous, it was probably the type that they mention called Magicglas

    Here's a demo.

  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Their are several possibilities.

    Polycast in the US developed an acrylic 15 years back that went dark when a current applied but it was restricted by the US DOD.

    There is a liquid crystal film that goes from dark to clear depending on voltage. That is the cheapest solution. The only version permitted on public transport is the default clear variant as in when the current is lost the film goes clear.

    I once went in a restaurant in New York that had glass toilet cubicles on the balcony. It was interesting the number of women who unlock the bog door before finishing adjusting their clothes.
  8. I presume they thought the screen would still be opaque, get a good gander?. dunno if I read your post right though, why were you in the ladies?