How long (days? / weeks? / months? / years??) does one usually have to wait between one's commissioning board and confirmation back from APC Glasgow?

Any ideas?

Sorry, should add that I mean a TA commissioning board... don't know if that matters.

Actually, IIRC, the fastest I saw was three days- never saw it take more than a week or so. The slow bit tends to be the Bde HQ- on one occasion, I got the approval for an Officer before Bde had bothered to tell me that he'd passed the Board!

Mind you, that was before JPA transition...
You'll wait a while. I believe APC Glasgow closed in February.
Due to the JPA transition it may take a while, get your RAO to give his contact in Glasgow a ring, it worked for me :thumright:
Hmmm, IIRC one of the medic type deskos has taken this whole month off because of the JPA transition. She was the contact point for the doctors I did my EOC with, a dental corps Lt Col. Maybe that's got something to do with it.
Sounds familiar booboo.

I am aware that a number of the people involved with the implementation of JPA have been in contact with the medical profession.

Read into that what you will.
Well, I phoned the Asst RAO. He said I shouldn't expect to hear anything out of Glasgow until after April 12th, because he doesn't expect to either.

Still not heard.

I think JPA might have had an effect - there's been very little in the London Gazette from the Army over the last month or so as well....

I'm in a sort of PQO limbo - I've passed the commissioning board, but APC is silent. So am I an O/Cdt still, or Capt?
Ah, but I'm TA. So I have another job, and the army don't pay me unless they see me!

Otherwise, that would have worked... Good idea.

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