Glasgow yobs sent to World Cup care of taxpayers!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pimpernel, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. Well hopefully it is only a one way ticket and they can stay there and not come back!
  2. Have they had their seats reserved on the "Yobbo Express" yet?
  3. Meanwhile kids who behave who have parents that both work minimum wage and long hours to scrape a living get fcuk all.

    Be a cnut - Get noticed - Get the attention you crave - Get rewards.
  4. Rather hope it is a subtle plan to extradite the little neds and potentially export a crime wave.
  5. Sounds like the Army at times!
  6. Drop them off in the middle of Soweto.
  7. If they allow them to mix with some of the locals they have good statistical chance of getting shot, stabbed, robed or getting HIV/AIDS.

    Why not ship all our criminals to SA for 3 to 6 months it will be the making or death of them!
  8. I know, poor locals having to put up with those dangers because of the UK's misguided social works ethos.
  9. Considering the location, from one gangland area to another they'll fit right in with the gangs in SA & not want to come back?

    Strathcylde Police stating this is 'NOT' a reward wth, what kind of planet are they on these days :roll:

    Who said crime does'nt pay :?
  10. i can't be arrsed getting's only football!
  11. kinda agree bigbird67 & as England won't win anyway who cares eh?

    Apart from the fact it's funded with taxpayers money :wink:
  12. Slightly OT, but I wonder how much the South Africans would charge for looking after our criminals in their jails? I'm sure exporting our criminals would be a cheaper option than jailing them here.
  13. Waste of money spent on a bunch of wasters!
  14. Should send the weegie ned bastards to NW Frontier Province in Pakistan to hunt down the Talibs and Al Quada.

    Methinks they would do a very good job. :twisted: :twisted: