Glasgow University are saving the world!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Karl_uk, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. Well Gaza to be more specific.

    Feel free to join and offer your message of support :twisted:

    (Btw this isn't a Israel were right to attack Hamas etc thread, just leftie student's piss me off and generally need to sort their lifes out when they start thinking what they're doing will have any affect on the world at all)
  2. Student bashing. Origianl. Can I be the first to call you a dull cunt? Thanks.
  3. I think the fact that they welcome supporters to join their demo is a marvellous opportunity. Any arrsers up there in Weegieville with some spare time and a few quid? Get over to Easterhouse, round up 5 to 10 Rab C lookalikes, buy em a couple of bottles of Buckie each and then get them across to the computer science building. That should liven things up a bit.
  4. :? Having a bad day already fella?

    But yeh feel free mate.
  5. Agreed, and seconded. What's the point. Students have no conecpt of the real world.

    Wait til they leave full time education. They'll have more important things to worry about.
  6. F*cking commies, how very dare they have views different to yours and then do something about it to raise some awareness. Do they not know that you fought for them to have their own views, surely they should have to align them with yours.
  7. Ok firstly I am a student so I have every right to rip the piss out of "my people"

    Secondly. Ill just leave... Misserable bastards...... :twisted:
  8. Oh please don't, anybody! Have you any idea how much the SAW Building cost?

    It's just the usual student preening. I bet the ringleaders will have those little round Lennon-specs and Trotsky hats. The rest will just be looking for somewhere warm to chat with their mates.
  9. I did my time at U of Salford after having been twice as long in uniform, which may be why my views tended not to coincide with those of most fellow-students.

    Naive ignorance is not a 21st century phenomenon; I recall being surprised to learn that one of our course was a member of the Labour Club and, asking why, was left speechless by the explanation: "They were the only people at the Freshers Fair who asked me to join them." Further investigation revealed that she didn't know anything about UK politics at all and was almost as uninformed on those of her native Iran ... but had heeded the call and attended a number of Club-organised events, signed petitions etc.

    Still, let's not worry too much about student demonstrations. If they could change anything, they'd be banned. Tiananmen Square, anyone?
  10. To be honest, students are probably the only ones that give a fuck anymore. 20 years ago you'd see actual adults protesting at things like the Gaza business, now the plague of apathy that's spread ove rthe country means ou rarely ever see proper protests! I mean christ, go back 20-30 years to the poll tax riots etc. that was people caring about what the government was doing, nowadays we hear lots of people moaning, but noone is doing anything about it. It might be hopeless, but at least they're doing something!
  11. I think the whole reason the PLA was sent in was that the Politburo Standing Committee were afraid student demonstrations would change things. But then our lot aren't quite so threatening. They're not committed to social change so much as making themselves feel special until they can land themselves a job as an accountant.
  12. Don't forget Milosovich, too. NATO prevented more genocide, but it was students who were responsible for his removal. I also think NESTLE profits have slumped since the NUS ban on their products. There was also a Mental Health Bill that had been changed several times, partly due to NUS intervention.
  13. Hmmm... I think you'll find that the riots showed the usual Marxist rentamob suspects leading the way, followed by people caring about what opposition propaganda told them the government was doing, rather than the reality. Had it been called, accurately, "Council Tax" from the outset, the left wouldn't have been able to apply the wholly untruthful, deliberately misleading "Poll Tax" label. There might still have been riots in the streets, but they would have been aimed at individual profligate local authorities rather than central government.

    Ironically, Westminster would have been an unlikely target for riots by local residents, being an extremely well-run authority which managed to provide all the usual services while levying a very low Community Charge.

    But, as said so often when threads deviate into politics, let's not allow the facts to get in the way of a good story.
  14. I don't think that calling it a "Council Tax" rather than a "Community Charge" would have made any difference... was sadly lacking in common sense, and the nice theory ("let's charge people instead of buildings") fell down with this single question:

    How, exactly, were the councils supposed to track who lived in their area, and thus bill those liable to pay the community charge?

    Some of the implementation details were just plain stupid...

    The accusation of it being a "poll tax" is important, as it discouraged those who rented houses, or moved around, from going on to the electoral register. Given that this was a Conservative government, and those affected were more likely to vote Labour, it looked a bit... suspicious...?

    <sarcasm>I mean, politicians couldn't be so incompetent as to create that effect accidentally, could they?</sarcasm>

    ...just don't mention the gerrymandering, namely that little matter of being found guilty of spending £27 million of ratepayers' money to rig an election in favour of the ruling party....

    I would suggest that invalidates any claims of how "well-run" it was.

    I think you've certainly proved that point...