Glasgow terror hero is a fake

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gas Gas Gas, Mar 17, 2008.

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    Now I realise this is a Daily Mail article but I must confess I was a bit puzzled why a gallantry medal was being awarded for "taking on" a terrorist who was on fire. Pulling innocents to safety - certainly. Assisting the Police - possibly. Beating up a burning man?

    I has presumed that the "powers that be" would have fully investigated the incident before any awards were made. It could not be a NuLiarbor PR stunt surely?
  2. PR stunt deffo, but in all fairness to the guy every time I've seen him in interviews he's always said he did'nt deserve it and there were others who should have got an award.
    I always felt the press built him up against his wishes to be hero, remember he said the troops in Iraq and the Stan were the real hero's not him, I think his " mates" are jealous of the coverage he's getting.
  3. nail...head...hit
  4. Heard this on the radio driving home, they made it sound like a case of exagguration (sp?) on his part at the time being taken too far.
  5. are you honestly surgesting our beloved Nu(never have personally)Labored leaders work with spin and ulterior motive over the principle of truth?

    you will be saying there was no WMD in iraq next.

    shame on you. now sit tight, place your hands on your lap in full view, and the secret policemen will be crashing through your front window to be with you very shortly.
  6. Sounds like sour grapes to me....
  7. What do sour grapes sound like? Do they make a different noise from fresh grapes? Or sour plums for that matter?
  8. Funny thing that. Lad gets a gong for bravery against Islamic terrorists and barely has he left buck house when the loony left apologists attempt to discredit him.
  9. Is T.F.R. about?
  10. It was his co workers at the Glasgow airport actually , no mention of the loony left at all, in fact it was published in the Daily Mail a pretty right wing paper.
  11. Apologies I didn't realise everyone who works at Glasgow airport was right wing and read the Daily Mail.

  12. ???? Oh what they're all lefties then are they :roll: , who are the loony left you're talking about then , when , where , who said what , qualify your statement, or and don't jump on the bandwagon....
  13. In this case a co-worker who was silent about this until just after Mr. Smeaton got his medal....
  14. That'll be the Tall Poppies Syndrome kicking in in 3, 2, 1..... :x
  15. exactly he has always said what he did was nothing that anyone else couldnt have done, i sense its a build em up knock em down outrage wagon leaving from platform four story