Glasgow & Strathclyde OTC

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Hairyhaw, Sep 24, 2003.

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  1. Freshers week-what are you lot doing?
    Standing at your front door with a photoboard and one cadet miles away from all the other stalls vying for fresh blood.
    I would have thought if you brought some hardware and bodies up to the main campus you might get a bit more out of it.

    May just be me, but compared to some of the other student clubs efforts your profile is piss poor.
  2. From having been that soldier many moons ago - I think I can answer your question.......

    Both Glagow & Strathclyde Uni's in the spirit of revolutionary socialism don't allow the OTC to promote themselves in any substancial way (as the OTC is "a facist, baby killing monster" - to quote one member of the students council from a few years ago)

    Caledonian and Paisley Uni are much more forth coming in allowing the OTC, URNU and ATC to canvass for recruits......

    Though could be that these days the OTC is full of lazy gits....the choice is yours.
  3. We used to have the same problem up north.
    A certain nameless university used to find it amusing to let us have a stand at the freshers' fair...right next to the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Society. Cue the usual acusations.
    We used to have to be on our best behaviour, not the easiest when you've got some militant ass master bawling in your face :evil:
  4. The trick is being extra polite they hate that .And b have a really good display . Agree with every thing they say also plays with their minds It can be great fun . I know you cant have weapons but must access to video
    or such like or just mention you get paid
  5. Can't comment about the OTC, but Glasgow Uni used to be very welcoming to the URNU. A good oppo of mine was their CO 10 years ago, and he had no problems with either the Uni or the SU.
  6. A certain other Scottish UOTC was hassled by the UAS chappies... whilst chatting to potential recruits a RAF type would come accross and whisper in their ear "OTC's ****, you wouldn't want to join them" etc. Knobbers!

    Despite that 300 odd recruits for the selection weekend... jobs a good 'un!