Glasgow Rangers Fans - Nazi Salute?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by PoisonDwarf, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone catch the debate about Glasgow Rangers in Tel Aviv the other night.

    Good luck to a British team getting through in style, but there certainly appears to be a fascist contingent giving their team a bad name. A bunch of thugs decided to give a form of salute last seem at the Nurnberg Rallies.


    The club have escaped sanctions by claiming it was a "red hand" salute (i.e. Red Hand of Ulster), rather than a nazi salute. It sounds rather bizarre, since no one seems to have heard of a red hand salute before now. I've been to Northern Ireland and seen many Orange parades, with the bowler-hatted chaps, bands with orange sashes and so on...but I've never seen any of them giving a so-called "red hand salute".

    I hope these fascist scum so-called "fans" wind their necks in and stay away from sport in future.
  2. they wouldn't happened to have been singing 'we are the billy boys' at the time.

    the documentary about how sectarian football in Glasgow is - can be found on youtube.

    It is symbolic of the red hand of ulster - not waving hello to uncle adolf.

    Rangers supporters, as per the orange lodge, have a great sympathy for the plight of the israeli state
  3. Given the fact they have an israeli flag as opposed to burning it also might be an indictator of the salutes reason.

    No matter how stupid those giving might actually be.
  4. Nothing to do with Nazism. It is to do with the Red hand of Ulster as has already been said. There was also an inquiry about it in the UEFA camp and it was brought to the attention of those crying foul that not all countries in the world are under a Roman docterine. This country is free from that and has been since the glorious revolution.

    As has also been said, there is a sympathy between the Jewish and Protestant peoples. Mainly due to the fact that the Roman Catholics tried to kill them all in days of old.

    "From BBC webpage"
    "Rangers have again urged fans not to make red hand of Ulster salutes after the club avoided a Uefa probe into a complaint by an anti-racism group.
    It followed newspaper photographs suggesting Nazi-style gestures during their match against Hapoel Tel-Aviv.

    Uefa has accepted Rangers' explanation that such salutes related to the red hand on the Ulster flag.

    But club chief executive Martin Bain said: "We have repeatedly made clear that fans should not make them."

    Rangers were fined £4,000 in December after a pro-Palestinian protestor invaded the pitch during a match in the previous round against another Israeli club, Maccabi Haifa. (This was a Celtic fan protesting)

    The Scottish club were also fined £13,000 last season after claims that fans sang sectarian songs during their Champions League tie with Villarreal.

    But Bain did not envisage any problems for Thursday's second leg of the Uefa Cup tie with Hapoel in Glasgow. It is also the sign of the red hand of Ulster and this convinced the disciplinary unit to end their investigation

    Uefa spokesman

    "Rangers fans have always made Israeli supporters welcome at Ibrox," he told Rangers' website.

    "However, none of us want to see another European campaign marred by the type of sanction taken against our club last season, or worse.

    "We are delighted Uefa has seen fit to dismiss this matter.

    "It is disappointing when there are other stadium environment issues around Europe that our club again comes into focus.

    "Our supporters have rightly been praised by all foreign police forces involved in our European games so far and we have a wide range of measures in place to encourage positive fan behaviour.

    "The club and supporters organisations have repeatedly urged fans to avoid making any kind of one-armed salute, because they will be misinterpreted, and it is important to reiterate that message.

    "Rangers have been campaigning vigorously for common standards on crowd behaviour to be implemented both domestically and at European level.

    "We are proud of the standards that we have set at Ibrox which we believe are among the highest.

    "Our supporters have responded tremendously to all appeals from the club and from supporters organisations to show Rangers in the best possible light and we are grateful for their continued support.

    "Equally, we do not hesitate to take action against anyone who lets the club down."

    Indeed, although Bain stressed that it was only a small section of the Rangers support making the gestures, Rangers have warned that they will seek direct compensation from fans should their action lead to any more Uefa sanctions.

    An Ibrox source told BBC Sport: "The Scottish legal system provides a mechanism for compensation to be awarded as part of the criminal process.

    "Where any person is convicted of an offence, the circumstances of which led to any financial consequences, including the imposition of any sanction by a governing body, there exists the possibility that a request can be made for an order of compensation in respect of the sum."

    A Uefa spokesman said that European football's governing body had accepted Rangers' explanation.

    "The disciplinary unit will not be taking any further action," he said.

    "It is also the sign of the red hand of Ulster and this convinced the disciplinary unit to end their investigation."
  5. How stupid must those fans be, though - I think it was certainly gross ignorance. Can you imagine some proper racist thug in there realising he was photographed behind a Star Of David. :crying:

    I blame all those connection with the Chelsea football (Headhunters or ICF?) hooligans in the 80s. They brought a lot of Combat 18, BNP and Johnny Adair-types together and the club is still suffering from that type of so-called fan who continues to give a bad name to a Scottish football club. It would help if the Celtic supporters stopped singing "rebel" songs. I think it's unfair to fine a football club though. Surely I could run onto a Partick Thistle match (kick the tumbleweed around), crap on the centre circle and inject myself with heroin - it wouldn't be the club's fault.

    But...if it was indeed a "red hand salute" then how come no one seems to have ever seen the gesture before? Also, how come no one uses such a gesture in NI, considering it's supposedly a Loyalist symbol.
  6. Especially the blokes from the KOSB Cyprus contingent at the bottom left of the photo up against the fence.
  7. beat me too it,
    Their rivals celtic seem to be doing a great job of moving away from this biggotry. It is about time some SERIOUS action was taken against the so called fans
  8. Holy dog shit pie...... are you having a laugh. You want to try listening to the next old firm game at Porkheid... 1RA songs, Fields of Athenry(the up to date republican word version) et al... Rangers get done for calling them Fenians ( a derogatory term for a C3lt1c fan) because they stated that it was a derogatory term for a Roman Catholic.

    Swings and roundabouts, but it isn't helping that the media since the Uefa fine have just been hammering Rangers.

    They are no angels, but to say they are worse than the Bhoys is laughable....

    PS: Just incase you don't know, yes I am a Rangers supporter. :bounce:
  9. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Fuck The Old Firm & Come On Ye Bairns.
  10. LOL...
  11. I take it that youve never been to NI! No red hands? drive down east belfast and you'll see one or two, or the shore road, or the bay - they are all at leaft 6' tall and painted on the walls, or on flags flying from the lamp-posts

    Scotland is just as sectarian as N Ireland, and its history goes back just as far as the irish problems too - thats why in most big towns and cities in lowland/central scotland you'll find at least two football teams, one for the green side and another for the blue side eg - glasgow has celtic and rangers, edinburgh has hibs and hearts, dundee has dundee and dundee utd.

    Bigotry is rife in life and sport
  12. If i had to support any it would be Rangers however fenian is a very old derogatory term for a Roman Catholic you are stating there that it is only used in football!
  13. I think he meant that using the nazi salute and claiming it is actually something called the red hand salute/roman salute/waving/other bullsh!t is something not seen very often outside of Nazi rallies and Rangers matches. Oh and of course the ultras in Italy.
  14. Typical Huns...moan the Hoops!
  15. I never said it was only used at football - it is used in all walks of life, but in this instance it is referring to the "one cell away from mong" celtic fan.

    The term Fenian comes from a band of republicans in a brotherhood who stood against British rule. Needless to say the Americans who are against terrorism are behind them also (although it was in the 1800's)
    The term is used as a reference to Irish Nationalists (Republicans) but is now associated with Roman Catholicism due to the fact that the vast majority of Republicans are indeed of that faith.
    I personally use it to describe the bitter twisted little tinks who wear there Celtic tops/scarfs/shorts/socks/jackets and all other apparel all the time and who are bitter little feckers due to the fact that 1 - they are not Irish and 2 - they have somehow ensured that only Rangers fans are seen as bigots (where many are) but in the same breath claim to be open, fair and unbiased/bigoted in any way.

    May I point you to the term used by Taz_786 - Hun - This is the bigoted term a Fenian would use to describe a Rangers fan, or by default a Protestant.

    Tell me Taz, how is life since the price off copper went through the roof? Must be grand, to be sure!