Glasgow Rangers & Alex McLeish

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. calling all other gers fans.

    just want to guage opinion on the upcoming departure of "big eck"

    i personally think the man has done a good job considering that he has had no £60 million war chest to spend like previous bosses. he has had to pick up cheap & cheerful players as well as free's & yes some of them have been mince...bernard,jeffers,fan-fan,etc. he has won half the trophies on offer & got us further in europe than we have been for a long time.

    but he has bought a solid young scottish core back to the team which was sorely missing before.

    i wish "big eck" all the best for the future
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I also wish Big Eck all the best, but I can't agree with your statement that he has done a good job. He may not have had £60m war chest but he has had £60m worth of players and done very little with them.

    Every team he has managed have been in a worse state when he left them. Hibs were doing well when he came on board and were going downhill rapidly when he left to go to Rangers. After a brief spell with a poor choice of manager Tony Mowbray came along and, using the same player pool as McLeish had, turned the team round.

    McLeish has done the same at Rangers. Came in to a good team, got a couple of results with them, but when he started bringing in his own choices of player the team started to go downhill. His worst mistake IMHO was to bring Barry Ferguson back to Ibrox. He is probably the most over rated player in the game, and certainly one who believes his own publicity.

    As I say, I wish Eck well, but not for what he has done with Rangers.

    BTW I am not a Gers fan, Maroon is my preference.
  3. agree with you regarding "wee barry" he has the class to stamp authority on games but he does tend to go missing in the big games or in just about every game this season.

    i don't envy the task of taking over what he leaves behind but as i said before we have a good young scottish nucleus so lets hope we don't loose it

    do you think the jambo's can keep going or will it fall around your feet in the last few weeks of the season. i was so hoping that you lot would oush the "tims" this season as we are a country mile away from them.
  4. i reckon mcleish is great for scottish football :lol:
    he managed, without any help to split the old firm

    hitler, fishy.... at least i was wrong about you managing to make the top six :p
  5. Don't get much chance to follow(follow,follow)the matches dhan souff,(too tight for Sky sport)I don't reckon I'd recognise many of the players anyway(all foreign)--No wonder the Scots team is very poor--Rangers and Celtic +A lot of English 1st div used to provide a good Scots team,no chance with all the imports we have now.-Ritchie,Shearer,Provan,(Caldow)GREIG,Mckinnon,Baxter,(SCOTT<my childhood hero)Henderson,Millar,Brand,Wilson---some others who PLAYED FOR THE JERSEY.Celtic players who won European cup in 1967,came from 30 mile radius of Glasgow.Good times,and I still like to see THE 'GERS do good(with all the foreign players,why do we still have the sectarianism?)Anyway,best of luck to ECK
  6. mcreature wrote

    you are showing your age there fella that's the team my old man still raves about.

    i too am an exiled scot & will not pay for the matches on tv.

    players who "play for the jersey" are few & far between nowadays.
  7. Get your selfs down a local rangers supporters club there are plenty kicking around down south, i go to the one in london - good laugh and they show all matches that are on telly.
  8. Watch your back, we may sneak up and take you from behind :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  9. you wish matey! :twisted:
  10. Only if you put on a Celtic strip and sing the soldier's song. I wanna see them getting fcked!!
  11. never gonna see me in a celtic shirt you sick fcuker!

    thats actually beyond sick in fact you dirty fish!
  12. If I put on a Celtic top and you put on a Heart's strip and ride me, then you'll be ontop of sellick, it's the only way it will happen!!!