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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by vampireuk, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Now at the risk of annoying everyone at APC (because they are probably on the internet right now rather than doing their jobs) :)

    Does anyone else get a feeling APC have a habit of making work for theirselves by not doing something right to begin with. I'm sure a fair few of us have had a marvelous **** up from them at somepoint. I've finally gotten around to requesting my med docs and service records after not having them forwarded to begin with and I've had a letter informing me there is a large backlog. A couple of other lads who I have spoken to recently have also said they were not sent their records. Playing the devils advocate I would like to suggest if they did the job right in the first place they wouldn't currently be running around like blue arsed flies (when not using the internet) trying to get everything sorted now.

    PS. Why did you clowns try post me to a submarine?
  2. It passes as humour up there.
  3. oldbaldy

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    You don't have your service records forwarded to you without requesting. Not everyone wants a copy!
    Yes there is a backlog but the No1 priority is the requests Glasgow get from SSAFA and TRBL to verify service for welfare reason.
    My personal record took 6 months.
  4. Well when I say service records, what I originally expected was my discharge cert. Which has vanished into the ether. Hence I now have to request my records instead. :)
  5. I had to call twice to get my p45 on discharge , the first time I was assured that it would be sent out that day. Lying fkrs
  6. i've been told to get an rg8 filled out even though i had full army medical in september and december,APC? SHITE!!!!
  7. This might surprise you. Each desk clerk at APC manages about 1000 soldiers. Do the maths, presuming there are less than 250 working days each year, you have less than 2 hours dedicated clerk time each year. Having just popped into APC for a meeting last week, I was informed that there are more cuts in the civilian clerks still to come.
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  8. Guess I will copy my med docs before i'm out then.
  9. I never got mine, I rang them and they sent me a bit of paper with the information written down on it, very professional.
  10. I'm not denying they have quite a task, but considering you hear the same story over and over again then something is clearly going wrong.
  11. But they still find time to have yoga classes !!!.
  12. I had the same 'There will be a delay' note, but I had actually applied for my docs. ;-) A couple of weeks later the postie comes down the drive with a fooking massive envelope - Only a bit out of their target time but not that bad. In their defence they had managed to get pretty much every bit of paperwork my name had been on! :)
  13. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    If it was the same as me, even the file covers!
  14. APC f*cked me over a couple of years ago and I basically got an interview with the OC saying resign or be discharged. APC totally failed to follow their own procedures, gave the wrong, totally contradictory advice and after I proved that they utter c*cks I still had to put in a formal complaint to remain in my unit. Never did get so much as a hint of an apology.
  15. My personal info at the APC is/was bonk. Serving in two arms has confused them somewhat and both my red and blue books had anomolies.

    I have done 2 reservist tours (not TA) and getting out on the first one was murder, I was told to expect some information to enable me to go onto the correct reserve list to deploy, the form was then to be taken to a Careers Office (Leeds at the time) and signed in front of the resident Warrant Officer.
    After 4 weeks I hadn't received it so rang back, it went a bit like this;

    Me - Hi, I was expecting some paperwork to blah blah blah, it's not arrived.

    Jock Bird - ok hang on whilst I look into this.

    Me - No worries.

    ** At this point I heard her conversing with a camp Scottish guy about my request**

    Jock Bird - Well, the form was sent so you must have recieved it.

    Me - Erm, no, I asked for it to be sent to my business address, I'm there most of the time and one of your colleauges confirmed that was ok?

    Jock Bird - ok hang on a sec

    ** Muffled conversation with aforementioned homo **

    Jock Bird - Hi, we will reissue the relevant paperwork but if you fail to sign it and return it this time you will not receive another.

    Me - ok, but I never received anything.

    Jock Bird - Well, like I said we will isuue the paperwork but you must ensure it is filled in and returned this time.

    Me - Fair enough, bye. ....somewhat confused....

    I would have thought someone sticking their hands up would have been enough, strange bunch of people IMHO.

    I managed to deploy and the second time they bit my ******* hand off, I truly believe it depends on which Civil Servant you get on the right day.. :)