Glasgow Medic/Dr question

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. Asking a question for a mate, no honest as I'm not that qualified or unlucky.

    Right this chap is Ex-Regular 11 years Royal Signals, He's been out about 9years,38 Years old.
    He qualified about 15months ago as a Doctor and is has just completed his first year in Glasgow.

    He is interested in joining the TA with his Doctor qualifications.

    HOWEVER, since leaving the army he now has diabetes, insulin dependant. (hereditary)

    I've googled 205 Field Hospital (V) based in Glasgow but I'm sure other locations would have Dr types.

    Is it a straight off no because of his Diabetes, or could he be in with a shout?
    I know the answer is ask your PSI or ring 205 and ask but if I can get a steer on here I can front him to get his arrse in gear and get signed up.

    Any info much appreciated.
  2. Update:

    I've emailed off to 205 and 144 to see what they say.
  3. Is he unable to contact them himself? Probably be better if he did rather than a mate contacting them on his behalf.
  4. To be honest he's being a bit of a fanny about it and I want to be able to give him a push in the right direction, armed with some facts.

    He's gutted about having diabetes and sees the Mil route closed to him and now he's seen the NHS first hand he's not sure that he want's to spend all his career in it.
    I was thinking if the TA let him in he could possibly do an S-Type or whatever they call them these days.

    Rather have him doing the TA than opening Botox clinics or signing sick chits for cash.
  5. Even if he joins the TA he'll still need a day job to stay clinically current, which means either the NHS or private work.

    Unfortunatley the Regs have to work in the NHS these days too thanks to DCS 15 closing all of our Military Hospitals.
  6. or hybrid.. I wear NHS badge but I'm not NHS
  7. An NHS walt?! Blimey
  8. No just in a weird liarbour/thatcheresque world