Glasgow - Laziest City

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pork_Pie, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Linky

    Not just Glasgow that is lazy, though. The following are UK wide:

    I thought we were behind the USA for this type of stuff, but have we now overtaken them?
  2. scotland has been fatter than the US for years with 1 in 3 obese i think. the US is one in 4 if my memory serves.
  3. If I could be bothered, I'd read this..

    Any chance you can fax it? I just canny be arrsed reading this thread, I'm way too laz..
  4. Jaisus, I can still remember when the "remote control" was a billiard-cue or a broomhandle. :D

  5. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Hey I qualify for only overweight if I lie about my height!
  6. I couldn't be bothered to move my finger to scroll down. I just went straight to reply.
  7. Even the television programmes are repeats.
  8. Wouldn't the NAAFI be the best place for this? The Int Cell suggests intelligence and, quite frankly, I think most people referred to in this thread would be just too stupid to be intelligent. In any way.

    Just a personal opinion.
  9. Like your signature?
  10. Yup, just like that. Do you see how that works?
  11. im the perfect weight for my height. I'm 9ft tall as it happens!
  12. For a long time I thought the stories about deep fried pizza were just another joke at the expense of those North of the border

    Oh no. In East Kilbride I was introduced to the delicacy that is "Pizza Crunch": a slice of battered pizza with chips. There is no God.
  13. im lucky if i can get scampi from my local chippy... the menu consists of cod cod cod and chips
    cod and chips
    cod, chips and red sauce
    cod, chips and red salt.

    thats about it.

    oh to be in scotland 8O
  14. They're holding off the celebration until they find out if they've pulled off the hat-trick in "Filthiest City" and "Drug-takiest City" as well.

    Weegies - I'd wish a plague of zombies on them, but to be honest they'd just fit right in down Springburn way.
  15. As the joke goes: "Christ knows how fat we'd be if it was'nt for all the heroin!" :lol: