Discussion in 'OTC' started by Outstanding, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. Well I think they do!
  2. Of course we do it is after all GOD's own country.
  3. Pity it's the worst UOTC in 51 Bde. "Oh yes, you are going to the worst one in the Bde" - what a lovely thing for the new CO 8O
  4. On what basis, are you so brilliant?
  5. you cant beat good old glasgow.
  6. Personally? I'm just a fantastic chap. With regards Glasgow being the worst, that's just a fact you'll have to live with until someone more grown up than me explains it to you.
  7. Glasgow is the best , simple as that, no arguments whatsoever. As for the CO, he is a legend, gayforths loss is our gain ( and i've not written that cause he reads these pages, honest :salut:)
  8. Tayforth are always last - Glasgow leads the way CO, RSM and all the PS are simply the best
  9. Chaps please pay attention, surely my avatar gives it away that I am no longer with Tayforth... So it's nothing personal. Just fact.
  10. If you are no longer in an OTC you have no position from which to comment. glasgow remains the best militarily, socially, from an Adv Trg and in competition.
  11. A tad narrow minded there. You have to ask yourself what Bde see as making a UOTC better or worse, clearly you haven't a clue - I'll leave you to your happy UOTC world.
  12. Oh how high and mighty you are - and you accuse me of narrow mindedness. I f you have some connection to OTCs in your job, you should have more respect. %1 Bde staff are all good guy/gals (the ones who have visted us) but clearly you have nothing but contempt for the OTCs.
  13. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Tayforth, I don't have contempt for any UOTC. I was merely pointing out that currently of the 4 UOTC's in 51 Bde Glasgow is needing pulled up. Feel free to PM me insults/questions etc.
  14. No need to PM, as I prefer to remain open on this. On what basis do you make the comment about Glasgow "needing pulled up",
    Is it as a result of the Annual Inspec tion or just your personal opinion?
  15. Outstanding, how do you actually perform as a UOTC?

    Other OTCs compare their performance using figures such as the number of people sent to RMAS (Reg or TA).

    Stop being a big child, all the Scottish UOTCs are pretty damn fine places, and Queen's too, as proven by their attendance at God's competition, Northern Lights.