Glasgow gets the Commonwealth Games 2014

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smartascarrots, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. It'll be another money pit

  2. It'll bring in much-needed investment

  1. Good idea? Bad idea?
  2. Glasgow has got the bid. Hooray............
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    £288 million (and probably more) down the drain then....
  4. THe buckfast will have been cracked open by now! Get it right up ye!
  5. The London 2012 infrastructure will probably be nearing completion by about then so Glasgow may not, perhaps, be the best option.
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Good news! It is about time that Glasgow got to do some major event.
  7. cue the scottish exec pishing cash in the direction of any contractor within a 50 mile radius. Time to go a-job hunting. Looks like Arby's getting a new company car, Wooooo!!!!!
  8. And who had this idea ? Probably the same tit that decided the words 'culture' and 'Liverpool' were synominous.

    I hope that it is Scottish money that they intend spending.
  9. And that money will come from who exactly. Scabbers you beat me to it. The distance for me to get there and the cost of the tickets will be just a tad too much.

  10. Unlike the London 2012 tiffin in what way, exactly?
  11. Johno, why bother ? Anabolic Substance abuse by the darker bretheren of the Commonwealth in Adidas or Nike gear can be seen from the comfort of your own shed!

    It's no longer about sport, its about image, money, prestige and oh yeh, money. Is there a real life "Alf Tupper" out there who doesn't give a toss about the dosh, the label etc.?

    I would just love to see a young British athlete say, "b*ll*cks to the corporate sports strip, I'm wearing my own stuff - and if you think you can buy my image you f8ck right off. Now, where's me medal, hurry up, the chippy's open."

    And in Glasgow.....there's plenty of chippies.
  12. Sorry, but you've got the wrong impression of the vast majority of British athletes. And by that, I mean the ones operating at Commonwealth Games level. Most will be funding the vast majority of their training, equipment, and competition expenses out of their own pocket (or their parents).

    I would love to see the Gravelbellies, weightlifters, or swimmers being offered corporate sports strips - but it doesn't happen. Stories of appearance money for top athletes are strictly for the world-class handful, in televised sports. A single Premiership footballer probably makes more money per year than the entire budget of Scottish Athletics.

    On the bright side, it does mean that Barry North range looks as if it's going to be upgraded to AMS (look at the last paragraph of the following link)

    Although the bid document does suggest that the shotgun, and other rifle and pistol venues will be temporary only, and demolished straight afterwards (some might say that this is your Scottish politicos nervousness on the subject of firearms). Three Commonwealth Games in Scotland in forty years, medals at every Games along the way, and absolutely no resulting legacy in Scotland for target shooting.
  13. .......fantastic achievement and achieved in the face of first class opposition offering first class infrastructure (well certainly in the area of deconstructing PC hard-drives to steal and misuse data).

    "The city had been competing against Nigerian capital Abuja for the right to host the games".

  14. Point Taken Gravelbelly. Good luck with the shooting. Theres a new training range opened up in London in time for the Olympics. Stockwell, I think it's called.
  15. What's a Commonwealth? Isn't that just another money pit?