Glasgow Enquiry Centre - Any Changes

How's the Glasgow Enquiry Centre been over that last month or so?
An opportunity to listen to those great musical classics time and time again :lol: , or no change from normal.

Before we get into a slagging match, or say both of the above, I'm just wondering -
The RAF JPAC, which must have been under a lot of pressure recently, is located in the same place as the EC. Has there been a noticeable knock on effect?

IT Works
What? Glasgow have got a help desk? You are having a giraffe! I have enough trouble understanding rajput, harpreet and jahangir at my high street bank's friendly, local, call centre. Trying to understand someone from the Gorbals is going to be a right old challenge!

Mind you, I quite fancy having a chat with that bloke who has buggered up my pay for the third time this year!!! What's the number......? :D
After 4 years most of the clerks are now multi-lingual in understanding Jockanese, a hidden telephone skill :),

The thread was started to support the clerks (unit and otherwise), not to dis them.
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