Glasgow East by-election. Curiouser and curiouser


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Remember David Marshall, the Labour MP who retired on the grounds of ‘ill health’ to trigger the Glasgow East by-election?

Well the Daily Heil seems to have stumbled upon another, altogether different, possible reason for his sudden attack of the vapours.


Labour’s preferred candidate then didn’t turn up for a selection meeting and then pulled out citing family pressures. Guess what these may have been.

Double clicky.

Labour: soft on corruption, soft on the causes of corruption.
SNP must be rubbing their just as grubby hands together on this one.
Nice one, Sixty - this may explain why Steven Purcell "turned down" the chance to stand as well. What an utter shower.
King_of_the_Burpas said:
Nice one, Sixty - this may explain why Steven Purcell "turned down" the chance to stand as well. What an utter shower.
The reason that he turned it down is because he wants to be a MSP and not have to down to Westminster.
Nothing to do with being on a list of councillors reported to the Standards Commission of Scotland over the Paddy's Market affair, then?
ABrighter2006 said:
Wonder at what stage m'learned friends will be paying a professional interest, eh sixty?
Now I was about to get all cynical and say 'Never. Look at cash for peerages.'

Then I remembered this is happening in the rebel province up north, not in the green and pleasant land down south. Gordy doesn't have the Scottish procurator's phone number on speed dial, like he does with the English DPP just in case any of his MPs get a bit too enthusiastic with the expenses.

With any luck, the SNP will be able to actually get these scrotes into the High Court. Hopefully, this lot will come to trial at about the same time as the General Election.

Apparently, the outgoing MP is clinically depressed? So would I be if I'd been caught paying my wife nearly 100 grand a year out of the public purse to work as a typist.

If they think they're clinically depressed now, just wait till they're sharing a cell in Barlinnie with Tommy Sheridan.
I quote

“The whole affair has been one of misrepresentation of the facts to the public, the media and to the council itself. We live in a democratic society yet, some of those who we trust to carry out duties on our behalf have chosen to make decisions and disregard the wishes of the electorate. "

You could cut, copy & paste this very apt tract and apply it to many major policy decisions at every level of the corrupt lying toe-rags that are Nu Labah!


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Poosibly not all that it seems since this comes from the Labour Party on Sunday AKA The Sunday Mail....

Ryan was expected to be the party's candidate to replace David Marshall but it is understood he quit after allegations of housing benefit fraud dating back a decade resurfaced.
....very odd.

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