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Looking for a contact in Glasgow who would be able to assist with Officer Recruitment. I am a serving Australian Officer looking at lateral transferring to the British Army. I would specifically look for a point of contact within the Infantry or Artillery career streams.

In Australia we have a career manager for each trade and he/she knows which Regiments have vacancies and can provide advice. I assume something similar occurs in the UK.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Army Personnel Centre in Kentigern House, Google will get you there.
Career Management?
Oh that's a good one... tht made oi larrrrrrrrrrrrrrff
What's that then?
Sounds good, logical thinking... stop it at once. We'll have none of your fancy antipodean ways here m'lad!
Thanks for that help.

It is rumoured that Career Managers in Australia do the job with a map of Australia, darts and a few beers. Little other systems seem to make as much sense.

I will get in contact with Glasgow today.


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