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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wg100, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone have a number for the officer occurrences desk at glasgow? Chasing up on acting rank application which was submitted ages ago and of which nothing has been heard since.
  2. The number you require is: 0141 224 4402
  3. Thanks, but the number doesn't work...
  4. I passed a TA commissioning board in late February. Got my letter from Bde later that week confirming this.

    Not heard anything from Glasgow to validate the commission or giving me an officer's number. Almost three months on, and I'm soon to go on my commissioning course with my trusty 8-digits!

  5. I'm slighty confused by your post FF, I assume you mean you passed your main board (AOSB as it is now) ? You won't get anything 'validated' about your commission untill you've passed TACC, and as far as I'm aware the number arrives after the course too? (Usually a letter confirming your appointment to TA Grp A/B and your new number)
  6. I don't think so for us.

    I am a PQO, and we do a commissioning board prior to our tarts and vicars course. Thus, we should have our number, etc., from Glasgow prior to this. In my case, it's taking months.
  7. Probably due to JPA...

    Ahem, not the first time I've heard that one used
  8. In the "JPA Era" all LE Officers will retain the soldier number!!
  9. Not just LE Officers mate, everyone, by that I mean even those coming through Sandhurst
  10. So from now on, all will have an 8 digit number?
  11. Probably tattooed on our inner arm....

  12. Or a chip read by proximity scanner as we go through the doors each day!

    Edited to add, will all ranks move to 8 digit numbers?
  13. Its 10 actually from now on (for new entrants regardless of rank/corp)