Glasgow Bound - Maybe

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by nottyash, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Hello fellow arsers, I have recently left one job and may have secured a job North of the border, Glasgow to be specific. I plan to rent our house and rent a one bedroom apartment in Glasgow in a nice area. We are kinderless. The thing is having never been to Glasgow before, not sure where would be ok to rent.

    Red light districts are ok, but Mrs Notty might be a bit annoyed.

    Your advice would be appreciated.

  2. Bump Please.
  3. May be worth asking on the rentals forum here.

    House price crash

    But FFS don't mention being a squaddie or prospective landlord as some of the posters can get a bit uppity.
  4. No longer a squaddie, definately not a prospective landlord, just looking for nice one bedroom rental digs.

  5. Nothing wrong with the Red Lights. Extra income and all that jazz
  6. Not selling my arse for no-one. Just want a place to live, thats nice.
  7. Notty

    West End is meant to be the 'Nice Area' but like any City there are Shite areas everywhere. (Glasgow has more than most!) Top tip though is stay away from Goven, Renfew and Paisley........... In fact just stay North of the river :)
  8. Cheers the more tips the merrier.
  9. West end is good. In fact either stay in the west end or commute from the lovely green, leafy suburbs like East Kilbride or Busby or anywhere in south Lanarkshire. Seriously, commuting is a very viable option and it's not like London, it will take you 30 mins from Busby. London commutes take the best part of a weekend....
  10. Forgot to add, loads of New Build flats are pooping up in the G3 Postcode near the SEC and the river, the area seems to be the up and coming one for city centre living.

    Something for every budget

    Although if your staying in the same line of work and Strathclyde's finest.................... I'd look at the lowerend of that lot :)

    When are you changing your name to Taggart?
  11. No mate, sacked that job, long story. In the end I realised the police are not what yhey used to be. In a different line of work as of this week. The lowerend it is then.

    In fact following your link, I need to change sides.
  12. Notty

    Good luck with the career change and check you're PM's
  13. Thanks, have sent a reply.
  14. Been a loongg time (16-18 years) since I lived there....

    and that was as a student.

    There are good areas, and bad areas.... and not always clearly defined and nicely divided.

    Hillhead is not bad... but because close to University of Glasgow there are a lot of students...

    Kelvinside and out to Bearsden is nice... but can be pricey because of that... Maryhill - bit of a mixed bag. Even out towards Partick has had a bit of a revival, but again something of a mixed bag.

    I would concur with the general 'rule of thumb' of staying north of the Clyde.

    Do you have anywhere in mind at all yet?

    EDIT:- Baldricks comment about the area at SEC is right enough.... I used to run down the Kelvin and then along the Clyde walkway - and even then there were new flats, warehouse conversions and decent/nice restaurants going up in that area.
  15. Oh yeh, forgot to add, don't go near Gartharmloch or Easterhouse. You will be robbed/shot, shot and robbed/stabbed/stabbed and robbed.

    I used to deliver milk to the local shops in and around those areas. One fine morning I was at the back of one of these local shops delivering milk no less. Stood in the back storage area of the shop was a lad dressed in a full 'matrix' leather coat shiny suit trousers and a very Paisley pattern shirt(it was 1991). He starts giving me a bit of banter and me being me gave a fair bit back to the point that the 2 of us are p!shing ourselves at the 'banter'!

    He says to me "How much money have you got on you wee man?"

    "£1500" Says I.

    "Gees it" Say he.

    "Fcuk off" Says I.

    At this point he pulls out a Gloch and starts toying with it.

    "Gees the money wee man or I'll fcukin' kill yeh" Says he.

    As you may imagine, I'm bricking it!

    "Do you know how to use that?" Says I acting all young, brave and, well, stupid.

    "How's about I just fcukin' shoot yeh and then you'll fcukin' know ya wee cnut!"

    "Take it" Say I as I hand over all the money and shrivel into myself.

    It turns out it was none other than Paul Ferris. Turns out he was 'collecting' protection money from the poor shop keeper and I was just unlucky to be in the shop at the wrong time. He's a bit of a lovie now. Wish I'd had the balls to front the tw@t, maybe.......