Glasgow and Bounty: anyone else having problems

I'm getting my ear bent by some of my posse who still have not been paid their Bounty.

Is anyone else still due their payment? Its becoming an issue as the blokes had budgeted on the cash ( = spanked it away ) and it is not seen. I do not think it is an internal problem

I also note that the may wages was not paid on time - this would be inexcusable in Civvie Street and possibly a breach of the Truck Acts [/nerd]

Any comment?

I'm still waiting for mine however I did have to extend my training year into April to attend a camp so don't expect to get it till end July or Aug.

Nothing surprises me on the pay front tho' last years problem was the system couln't understand that Grp A soldiers trained with the OTC so only paid them Group B bounties!!
The only reason I got my bounty (three months later than everyone else) was by sitting in the PSAO's in tray.

When I asked why it had happened, I was told there was a fault with the system and the payment hadn’t gone through.

It gets a bit annoying that you are harassing your own Pay Gadgies who can’t do anything, because APC refuse to speak to anyone on the phone.

If they mucked the Regs pay around like the TA then there would be a strike

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