Glasgow AFCO, not that good.

Discussion in 'RAC' started by bloodgroup_o+, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Alrite gents, just wondered what the criteria was for a bloke being posted to an AFCO. My local is Glasgow and I have to say its not great. I don't claim to be an expert on the army, I discharged after phase 2, but after spending an hour down there I came away realising I in fact know more about it than the Sgt I spoke to there did. For a start my paper work was "missing" from my folder which has resulted in my re-enlistment taking months longer and having to go through the week one day one stuff all over again. For the interviews I had previously gone through there were 3 lines written down about me, and to top it all off once the guy had finished trying to blag me back into the Infantry, he had no idea wat the RAC stood for or the difference between FR and Inf Platoon Recce. Maybe he is just ill informed but surely if he is there to advise people on the right jobs for them, if he doesn't know that other parts of the army do then he is in the wrong place? Also, what is with slagging off the job choices someone makes? With the army undermanned and overstreched surely more attention should be made to the recruitment teams to ensure they are in the right posting. At this rate I won't get into my chosen Reg till the lib dems are in government, and we've housed asylum seekers on the moon.
  2. Sorry, no way can i believe that the Sgt didnt know what RAC stood for. I mean theres adverts on the tele all the time, and in the AA one they sing so that narrows it down a bit.
  3. nip through to the livingston afco, there is a few RAC guys there that will look after you.
  4. If you are feeling let down by the system then ask to speak to the Senior Recruiter from the AFCO about your dealings so far with the office. However a few things to consider before you slate this recruiter.

    1. Maybe he's new to the job of recruiting, we all have to learn somewhere and recruiting is a minefield for the new recruiters.
    2. You say paperwork was missing, the only things I can think of would be copies of your Service records he needed to fill in the 203(special enlistment authority). Also has there been a change of recruiter since your first visit.
    3. Regards trying to get you back in your old job as infantry maybe this is because you have more chance to get back as a re-enlister if your going back into the same job, This is due to what the SPSO of your previous job and the new job you want to go into at Glasgow say plus then it will need to be assessed by the SO2 at Recruiting Group.
    4. Regarding interview notes on your first visit to find out about re-enlistment you are given a prelimary interview/chat to get details to add onto your 203 so the recruiter can try his hardest to write about why you have decided to re-join and what you have been up to since you left, time away and jobs since leaving. Its not until your 203 is accepted till the recruiter finds out if its full selection criterias, basic and trade training or a reduced package dependant on the time you have been out (if less than 12 months and going back into same job its a hell of a lot quicker)

    on the whole re-enlistment can take anywhere from a few months up to a year to be able to get back in through the process and no cases are the same, AFCO's/ACIOP's have to follow strict guidelines by Recruiting group. The recruiter also has to determine that you as the ex soldier who got out isnt going to sack it when things get tough.

    Like I said earlier I think its unfair slagging down a recruiter on a public forumn when he isnt able to give his reasons and explain any problems. So if there is a problem speak to the Cof C in the AFCO and theywill be able to put your mind at rest and explain what problems have risen. I spent nearly 3 years as a recruiter and know that the vast majority of us do the job to a high degree and Im sure he is doing everything in his power to help you out.

    PM me if you have any specific problem areas or serious questions with my response.
  5. Hang on, your moaning about having to do "week 1 day 1 AGAIN" may I quote you........ I don't claim to be an expert on the army, I discharged after phase 2........ you hardly have a massive amount of soldiering behind you????? :?
  6. Cheers for explaining the process, I have a different recruiter from my last interview who has apoligised for the paperwork being scarce, I am apparently the second person to be held up because of it. Cheers for that post though.
  7. I aint moaning about doing the training again, I've been a civvy for over a year now so it won't be a bad thing to go over it again, but the fact I have been in civy street for so long and have to re-do phase 1 is because of the paperwork. It's obviously not their fault and it makes sense that after a year you have to return to phase 1, but they have also apoligised because had it been sorted the first time round it would be a different story.
  8. Of course, if I had just gone to my Reg and transfered, I wouldn't have to do it all. Coming out isn't a mistake I'll be making again any time soon like.