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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by oldflyboy, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. George 'Dubyah' realised that his popularity was waining in the UK and asked his puppet if he could come over and try to get things sorted.
    They both went up to Glasgow where they thought there was more opposition than anywhere else and arranged visits to some schools.
    Having given his talk to the infants at one school, 'Dubyah' asked if there were any questions.
    Wee Jimmy put his hand up.
    "Aye, I have two fer ye" he said.
    "The first is why did you go to war in Iraq when ye knew it was never the centre of Al Kaida, and second why did ye go to war when ye knew it was illegal"?No sooner had he said it, than the dinner bell rang and everyone went to lunch.
    When they came back, 'Dubyah' said, "Well, carrying on from this morning, are there any questions"
    Wee Wullie put his hand up. "Aye, I have four.
    First, why did ye go to war in Iraq when ye knew that there were no Al Kaida there.
    Second, why did ye go to war when ye knew it was illegal and thirdly, why did the dinner bell ring an hour early and last, what the fuck have ye done wi' Wee Jimmy".