Glaring medal mistake - E bay again

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jack-daniels, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. Not only that he wants 80 quid, and then says they are a replacement group, which in e-bay talk means restrikes, however only walts will buy this, as any medal collecter worth his salt, will know about the MC.
  2. Great he's selling a military Cross for £16 I wonder if anyone will notice it on my mess dress at the next Sgts Mess function. :roll:
  3. Go on i dare you :)
  4. He's removing it from ebay after rxing a couple of messages about the item.

    He says he was selling it for a friend.
  5. It's OK, there's a set of Para wings with them, so they must be genuine.
    No cnut was sad enough to buy them anyway.
  6. I think it was around 1993 that the MM was dropped and the MC was awarded for all ranks.

    The system for the award of Decorations and other Honours to Service personnel underwent a major revision in 1993, when the practice of having, in some categories of award, different medals for Officers and Other Ranks was discontinued. Thus for example the Military Medal is no longer awarded to Other Ranks, who instead are now eligible for the Military Cross which had previously been reserved for Officers and Warrant Officers.
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  8. Websters.

    In a nutshell...
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    Nope in was in 1993 under John Major.
  10. Wack Walker was 2IC 3 Para Mortars for a while. Hasn't got an MC and as mentioned couldn't be awarded one anyway in '82 as an OR. What gets me is the seller has 100% feedback and obviously sells medals for a living. Surely he couldn't be so stupid!
  11. Warrant Officers were eligible for the MC from its inception in 1914.
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