Glandular Fever

Does anybody know if you can join the Armed Forces if you have had Glandular Fever? I asked my AFCO and they said ask my GP who said ask my AFCO!

Any ideas?

I had glandular fever whilst serving as a boy soldier, no problem. Quick 2 weeks in camp medical station, lots of weak squash, lots of sweating and acheing but, that was it. I would say you should have no problems.
Yes, I know a couple of people who had it and are now serving!
I had Glandular fever when i ws about 8 so It ws 8 years before I joined up and no problems, I had it quite bad loss of hair nails etc they didnt even take a second look when in was on my med forms
Yep you sure can, I passed the RCB medical and I had glandular fever, which progressed onto ME (not a whole barrel of laughs) Once you get a letter from you GP saying that you should have no further problems, the army are fine with it.
Hope this was of some help!

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