Glamour Models now (ten years later)

You look like a disturbed cousin......a very disturbed cousin. Access to firearms by any chance look at that mentalist smirk Ala Breivers!

Nah oddbod is the gun fetishist.
Hit a nerve did I?

Added a pound or two lately?

Go on then; put up a photo of me taken in the last 6 months, fatso. :razz:

Why would I have a photo of you? Being we have never met? On the photos you posted of yourself, you are fat with a ponytail hence the arrse meme of you as comic book guy.
You say you lost 2 stone, well done you.
But we have only your word for that.
Oh **** yeah! My latest acquisition was a tad over £4,500 all told. :mrgreen:
Well why we're into total thread drift...

What is it?
Well why we're into total thread drift...

What is it?
Well, it's when the topic of a thread gets left behind in favour of an alternative, unrelated, line of discourse. The original topic may eventually be returned to or the "drift" topic" may itself drift into something else entirely unrelated to either the original topic or the first drift.
I always liked Charmaine Sinclair

Cant find any recent photos.

Maybe shes dead?


Book Reviewer
I blame let's not go there.
Not difficult. Highlighted the name, pressed Search, found Twitter account and her latest post showed her norks out for Studio 66 Cougars.

Apparently her adultwork account, listed on Twitter, is no longer active.

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