Gladiators - Is it just me...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hugh_Jardon, May 18, 2008.

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  1. Or is watching two fit birds jumping up and down and tugging another two fit birds on a climbing wall actually quite alluring?

    'she made me out of breath *pause* but I got her off'

    'kin 'ell... I might start watching this more often!
  2. ha ha ha yeh battleaxe is well hot... lol
  3. This crap made me cringe 15 years ago. Looks like shite has gone full circle again.

    P.S. Edit to say, but it's got to be better than Vernon Kays 'Beat The Star'. Holy fcuk. Watching two fully grown men try and drop a pea into a bottle from 3 feet with Mr Kay acting more excited than a Bangkok whore at every turn is an eye opener. And when Kay asks his default question from the Schoolf of Ant & Dec Bone Questions, "How do you feel right now?" "Are you emotional?" At which point I just have to switch off.
  4. Ice, Inferno and Tempest... can they do another event where they wrestle each other in baby oil?
  5. Preach, brother...
  6. I like the crotch shots, mainly contestant’s crotches.
  7. I like the boys.
  8. Theyve been re-running all the originals on "Challenge TV" or some other such nonsense channel Mrs BRL seems to enjoy viewing, one of the first ones had a ex para v a ex booty, it ended in a draw, where are they now, are you on arrse? make yourself known, didnt the services once compete on there as well? Didnt fair to well as I remember, should of had a return match with the "wolfman" (ohh scary!) and the such doing a assault course and the such, never mind, Im off for a lie down now.......
    mmmmm Jet, will you take me in your big strong arms and pull my c0ck off.....
  9. They should do a tri-service Big Brother, now that would be funny to watch
  10. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    One of the Gladiators is a serving RM. He went to try and be a contestant and got offered the job. As soon as filming is finished he is off to the Stan I believe.
  11. Aye, one of the lads in my Squadron was on the original. Ended up competing with a broken nose, his face all plastered up.
  12. Its Sh!t, just the same as first time round.... :evil:
  13. I'd have to agree, i hadnt watched it before and was just on my way out and saw the birds on the wall. They just wrapped their legs round the contestants and hump them until they fall off. Fancied a sly w4nk after. Quality!