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Gladiator, Ready.

One of the previous contenders (an RE Cpl PTI) is now an instructor at my local leisure centre. In fact Mrs B had him for "Body Combat" (no, seriously that's the name of the lesson) this morning...
There's also an ex Green Jacket they'll be using GS Shovels instead of pugil sticks, loser gets bummed and beheaded.

Would'nt the serving RM, just surrender immediatley and co-operate fully with his captors ...


They will never replace JET. Many a ham-shank was had just think about her.
i may have to crack one out over jet tonight for nostalgia's sake if wnaking stumps your growth i could probably sue her for the distress being 5'7 has caused me. But im sure we could come to an out of court settlement if she wanted
BB51 said:
They will never replace JET. Many a ham-shank was had just think about her.
Too right mate, she was hotter than a hot thing in hotsville, jeez, Im in need of relief after googling her ;-p :D

Trap two here I come.. :oops: :oops:
Jet, god bless her! Gladiators was low-grade tommy tank fodder for every teenage lad who grew up in the '90s solely due to her, right sort! 3 of them new ones look alright, the red head, the blonde in the middle and the one on the left of the pic, I wouldn't mind getting my pugil stick up their travelators...

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