Glad you joined?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by moto_psycho, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi, i just want to know how many of you are glad you joined, im considering joining up, as it would be a great change in direction for my life, but I really want to know what the people who are posted think of army life.

    I was working as a mechanic in a garage for 3 years, but the "credit crunch" hit and shit all over my future, im now working in a bar and considering directions, I am interested in joining the artillery due to my previous mechanical knowledge and experience.... but IS IT WORTH IT?
  2.'s crap.
  3. What he said
  4. but you've both been in what 4 years now? and havnt left?
  5. Artillery that is..........Incoming hahahahaha Go on the Corps.....Or was that another Thread? :D
  6. Don't confuse the date we joined ARRSE, as the date we joined the Army. I left the Army about 5 years ago now.....cos it's crap.
  7. You will end up bitter and twisted, critical of everthing, with f'ud knees, scarred for life both phisicaly and mentaly But" frendships forged in battle are only terminated by death" Roger Lamb1779
  8. im already bitter twisted and critical of everything!

    so what about your lives after the army? do you feel the experience has improved you and given you better oppertunities?
  9. Yup.
  10. Oh yer Nightmares, relationship avoidence, PTSD, Arthritice,HYpotension, all realy good fun
  11. Use guys would make the BEST recruiters.
  12. I,m not saying it was'nt fun
  13. I,m not saying it was'nt fun
  14. I thought that was just me?!?! Phew!
  15. Every bird Ihave been out with was great until tha night when I start shouting " Shoot the F****" in my sleep