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Gizzits in exchange for H4H donation

I have some acquired gizzits that I am happy to send over to someone if they make a reasonable H4H donation - I will pay postage from the US. I will throw in a couple of shooting related baseball caps I have around also:

Glock patches, Glock lanyard, Surefire pin, loads of silly patches/tabs given to me by the good people at Grey Group, an Infidel sticker, a sticker size copy of the old Rhodie recruiting poster, a terrorist hunting licence sticker - this is actually a reworking of the official hunting licence you have to buy and display on your vehicle in some states here, Mil Spec Monkey rubber patch given to me by the Monkey himself, an ITS Tactical patch given my by the boys from there, Aimpoint pen, Spikes tactical spider patch, Princeton tec patch, Kifaru patch, Viking tactical patch from the hand of Sgt Maj Lamb himself, a Spyderco pin, a Glock 25 year key ring.

edit: The two elastic bandy type things are Customs and Border Patrol wrist thingies (I have a bag of these, don't ask) and of course there is the big Arctttttryxzv sticker.

We'll give it a couple of days for this if thats ok with the Mods - if it needs to be moved to the auction thread please move it right along.

55 views and not even a quid offered.................
To be fair mate as kind as your offer is unless I'm going to take up running around the woods firing little yellow balls at folk those patches are of no use to me at all.

I'll start with a fiver but I only want the lanyard sending cos it'd look spiffing with my tattoo machine hanging off it.
TOP, You need'nt think your getting away with it that easily, you're getting all of it if it goes your way. Including the Glock 25 keyring and a second still sealed aimpoint pen.

Seeing as there is soooo much interst in the Glock keyring I had another delve through the boxes ....... I found the other stuff whilst unpacking on saturday, and I just put together a little Glock bundle. Seperate H4H offers invited:


They are not splits in the pen. Its just the way its laying on the scanner.

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