Gizmodo on how Afghanistan has changed kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by northern-matelot, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. Bad CO

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    What will be just as interesting is how much (or little) will be kept once HERRICK finishes.

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  2. Either than, or the author is just noticing that the kit we've got now is generally a fuckload better than what was around 10 years ago.
  3. I'm tempted to offer 5:1 on UGLs being withdrawn instantly, on the basis "We'll never need them again, obviously", despite having needed some kind of rifle-launched grenade, in every major conflict since the Mills bomb was invented.

    Call me cynical, why dont'cha.
  4. See my previous post.

    You watch the stuff evaporate, as soon as "it is no longer needed".
  5. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    UGL is now a core item. It will be staying, along with most of the FIST kit.
  6. There was a rifle launched grenade issued in NI, CLAW or something like that
  7. There has to be a distinction between big kit and little kit. The former seems to take forever to come into service and when it does, it is very good indeed except that the 8-track player is now outdated so you can only play early Bee Gees music. Nothing wrong with that, but I digress.
    Little kit is where the crux lies; the Government, acutely aware of the criticism about kit, has cornered the niche market in satisfying Tommy Atkins. Thermo-mug, quality clothing, outstanding boots, your body weight in socks, t-shirts and Gucci add-ons... When asked, Tommy replies that the kit has never been so good. Of course, it hasn't because the personal kit issue is wonderful. When I went through basic, the kit was so bad that we all bought our own from Silvermans or wherever.
    It doesn't quite matter that you could penetrate the side of a Snatch (fnar-fnar) Landrover with a semi-erect penis.
    The Sun will report that all is well for Tommy (and Johnny so as to get a picture of super GILF Joanna Lumley).
    Job done and those ***** at Number 10 are happy.
    Sorry to sound a little skeptical. Clearly time of the month.
  8. I remember back in secondary School which was a long long long time ago sometime in the late 80's. Was reading a mates magazine (one of those soldier of fortune, garrotte weekly jobs) and it had pictures of sa-80's with ugl's another with a silencer (which was almost the length of the sa-80 itself) and the other was the cut down carbine version, was the last time I saw them until afghan

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  9. Well dump everything that's knackered, then strike off everything which has little practical use in any theatre other than Afg and what you're left with is the stuff that we no longer have the budget for.

    I think that covers it.
  10. Nope. Not in NI. IIRC, CLAW was a laws-of-physics defying weapon concept developed and developed and developed in the 1980s, without ever delivering.

    Then came GW1, and we bought - in a big big hurry - a sh1tload of Israeli-made muzzle-launched bullet-trap rifle grenades, which (to save the embarrassment of being seen to kill off an extremely expensive procurement project which had been entirely unproductive) were labelled CLAW, even tho' they had nowt to do with Project CLAW.

    I seem to recall some (AP natures?) being issued in limited quantities in part of S Armagh, in response to a specific threat.

    They certainly weren't issued to my mob, in a Ballykinler resident Bde Res Bn role, working all over S Armagh, and many other parts of the Province 1991-93.

    The frontwheelskid's grenades were not perfect; in GW1 there were [IIRC] a number of ammo incidents with them in pre-op training. They were not used [again - IIRC] in anger in GW1, 'cos Sadman Hussein's army folded and ran away.

    Remaining stocks were (I think) just wasted away, unused, and then disposed of.
  11. We're barely a week in - and you have already won Stonker's award for "Post Of The Month" .

    Top banana.

    Now, only serious bribery* could knock you off the top spot.
    *Stonkernote: Serious bribery would require a competitive Arrser to present me with the bird from the Secret Hideaways hotel ad, restrained with masking tape and a ball gag, in the back of their [inexpensively] modified van.

    So there's a strong possibility you'll be gazumped.
  12. Should she ever be found in such a position with the knowledge of ARRSE, you will need to be very speedy indeed or you will be using me as a contraceptive.
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  13. FIST kit?

    I wonder how much of the kit labelled 'FIST' has any connection with the outputs of the actual Project FIST?

    Smells to me as though a URL RGL has been badged FIST. Fine - as long as it stays in service, and is replaced in due course. Note that BOWMAN is a FIST concept made real. Is that scoring 10/10 in user's eyes yet?

    There is an awful lot more in project FIST that smells of defence contractors promising the world, knowing that when they fail, they'll still be ££££££££££££ richer, and HMG will keep shtum, rather than be embarrassed, capturing conveniently successful UOR procurements along the way, as a way of diverting attention from the rest.

    That, at least, is the track record.

    Edited to add: This (from 2007) is interesting:
  14. Spit roast. Change ends at half time.