Giving up your place st Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Krankenschwester, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. I notice it is very difficult to make a thread here without the old 'wahhh!' rearing its untimely head, and especially becuase the first thing folk check is my profile then posts to see if I'm a Walt or what ever..

    ..anyway my point here is, if you manage to win a place at the academy, the most prestigious and highly regarded officer training acamemy in the world, do you 'give it up' casually because you've found a 30k job or something or is it a bit like earning a place at Oxbridge where, if you've managed to get a place, you GO?

    Im asking opinions because I know how well regarded RMAS is, but if I were to one day win a place after the AOSB and find a 30-34k job, which is obviously good pay now, short term, will I regret not going through RMAS and on to Officership later..

    ..any thoughts.
  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    *Wahcloak on*

    You have to decide what you want from life. Its possible to have both. Time is the thing. You can get a 30-50k job any time in your life, but you can only join the army when you're young. Basically you can change your mind at 40 and leave the army and get a new career. You cant be an accountant till you're 40 then join the army.

    Having siad that, you need to decide what you want before you go to the board. If you're not sure then you're not ready
  3. When I was there we had a great guy (who made JUO) who was going to join the Irish Rangers (that dates me!) who gave up his spot in the very last week.

    He said he had 'just gone to see if he could do it'.

    If your heart isn't in it then don't go - its not fair on the soldiers you may be lucky enough to Command one day. This is no job for the undecided.

    Good luck..........
  4. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Tempted though I am to Wah you, I won't.

    If you are planning to attempt to get to RMAS or have a place already, something must be driving you to do it. Does a 30k job change that ? If you can pick a 30k job up now, then you can get that and better in the future after you have been commissioned and done your time. Ok, you will take a 'pay cut' by going to Sandhurst but unless you have a massive mortgage, who cares ? It's all beer tokens early on and if it's not get a grip of your life and enjoy yourself !

    Many of my ex-military friends have gone on to do all sorts of jobs post Army - not one of them has ended up in a crap or poorly paid job...

    IMHO, if you have the desire now and you do not attempt it and/or do it, you will always have that niggling feeling in the back of your mind..."what if... ?"
  5. I agree with the points about this being a 'special' sort of role, not like a job somewhere, it needs mettle, determination etc.

    If I managed to get to the place I am certain I would take up my place but human nature is human nature and if I found a 30-32k job at such a young age, throws off the idea of Sandhurst for a bit, I think it would for many. Its not all about the money I know, and even so the money ain't bad as an officer anyway I suppose.
  6. That's true, greed is probably what I'm refering to, Newly commissioned officers start on almost 30k anyway so whats a year.

    I also get what you say about post-army, I don't see many officers working at Sainsbury's - well they might but they refrain from wearing any regimental symbols whilst clocked on.
  7. you'll be earning £30k+ within a few yrs as a Capt, not to mention the other financial benefits of serving.
  8. Inferior establishment I know but I applied for voluntary RTU after passing off the square at Mons OTC when I realised I did not really want to surrender my SIB employment. I never regretted it. I suppose that experience shows one must be 100% committed before rolling up at the front gate
  9. Sure he wasn't on the 'other' side?
  10. If you demonstrate what is being looked for and you allow your decision to be swayed for what is a couple of grand, then you've not got what is being looked for. This isn't a job we are talking about here - this is commissioned service in the Armed Forces. This is about honour and responsibility and having the cohones to stand up and be counted. If baubles catch your eye, then you will probably be found out before you get to make that decision anyway.
  11. Ill second that one. I spoke to one of the head recruiters of BP at a careers fair back in uni and the army topic was raised. She said that not going green was a huge regret of hers, even though she had stupid big pay checks coming in the post. Also having even a short term commission on the CV is a huge boost. For example, BP dont even look at people who dont have a masters in some subjects but the queens commission gives you some serious punch in amongst the "smarter" people.

    There is plenty of life ahead of you so dont think the career is set in stone when you leave uni, graduates change jobs up to 4 times before they find their career company/job.
  12. You could take the 30k job and get a commission in the TA?
  13. This reminds me of a story whilst still at school many years ago. One of the blokes decided that rather than go for his GCE's he would join a small engineering company. His principal reason for doing so was to get money asap. (Coincidentally we passed his place of work daily on the way to school).

    At the time we envied his income whilst we were banging around the 6th form. Fast forward a few years, we still maintained contact with him. He bitterly regretted leaving school early and not getting some qualifications.
    Eventually the contact fizzled out and I recall seeing him queuing up for his dole money years later.

    Draw from this what analogy you will, but for my money...make your mind up....then go for the Sandhurst option. Should you consider that, a poor decision (although I doubt you will long term) 3 years for a short service commission (maybe times have changed) will look excellent on a CV. aside from the unique life experiences you will have gathered.

  14. Ah yes, I remember the same scenario, where those of us with big brains allegedly were streamed off to study Latin and Greek and the numbies got to do woodwork and metalwork. Today I am in my very well paid marketing job whilst the less well educated are earning as much, if not more as plumbers, carpenters, builders etc. You throws the dice, you takes the chance.

    Personally i am convinced that there was a discount built into the selection process which said "We teach you AB stream lads classics and languages and all, so you can go on and get good jobs and then be able to afford to employ the lads from the XY streams to do the DIY you don't know how to!

    As for a place at RMAS being something you consider in the same light as a university option or tradeable against a salar; if you think like that then you are probably temperamentally or vocationally unsuited for a career in the officer cadre - even if you plan to be a careerist swine.
  15. I would say you are looking at this from the wrong perspective and asking yourself the wrong questions.

    You either want to join the Army as an officer or you don’t; it’s that simple. Joining the Army, especially as an officer, is a privilege, and you are potentially going to be leading soldiers into combat. If you are going to sign up as an officer just because no one has offered you a 30k a year job (which won’t actually get you that much these days) then I think you may be joining for the wrong reasons.