Giving up the evil weed|!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Moodybitch, Oct 6, 2004.

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  1. Morning all

    Moodybitch has finally given up the evil cigarettes with the help of nicotene patches! Not smoked since last weekend but finding it bloody hard after 14 years of 20 per day!

    Anyone else given up this minging (but somehow satisfying habit)....any advice on how to cope with the cravings!
  2. Drink more :wink: :wink: :lol: :wink: :lol:
  3. that makes me want to smoke more!!
  4. Sorry I couldn't resist that one.

    Try to find something that occupy your self when the cravings kick in you need to try to break the habbit of sparking up. A sensible diet and occasional exercise might help. Try to work out what make you want to go out for a cancer stick and then try to find ways to combat this.

    Hope that helps and good luck
  5. Remove your left leg below the knee with a fountain pen and an Omlette pan, the pain will take away the cravings for cigarettes
  6. Cheers MDN, will try that - I knew you would come through for me 8O :wink:
  7. Glue your lips together with super glue.

    OK you'll starve eventually but it will be in the comforting knowledge that you didnt smoke just before you pegged it. :twisted:

    You didnt really expect too many serious answers did you? :lol:
  8. serious answers -on here??? yeah right :D

    tried supergluing my lips together but then discovered an effective way of inhaling through my left nostril so dont think it would work for the second time - and the glue tends to wear off after about two hours or so.
  9. Start smoking a pipe?........... :wink:
  10. what! I dont want to look like seth armstrong off emmerdale ta x
  11. develop a bigger addiction to something else like crack , gambling or curly wurlies , and this will override your desire for nicotine.

    oh f*ck it , have a fag , you might get hit by a bus tommorow :wink:
  12. nosh off all arrse blokes one after the other.

    Cleopatra once (allegedly) noshed off an entire legion in one night,
    she never complained about cigarette cravings. :twisted:

    smoke blokes, not cigs :lol:
  13. put all your cigarette buts in a jam jar of water , then every time you crave a puff , simply take one out and dry it very carefully , hey presto , lung busting bliss !!!
  14. Shortfuse - you are like the devil sitting on my shoulder 8O

    techtechtech - i have just pissed myself laffin in middle of office...but on this occasion i feel i must decline your splendid offer - as i am sure you fellas will be far to BIG for my mouth :wink: