Giving up Smoking, Tips and Advice Please

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Wedgy, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Ok I know it's bad for you, expensive, smelly, blah blah blah but I've always genuninely enjoyed smoking and not ever wanted to give up until recently when I've started to come to my senses. So with the new nanny state smoking ban coming into force in July I've been thinking I really should get round to giving up as now's as good a time as any.

    My problem is that although I know I have willpower and it can be done although not easily, the prospect of doing it scares the shite out of me.

    So what I'm after is any advice or tips on taking the plunge, do I just go cold turkey and piss everyone off being a nightmare for a few weeks or do I go for patches and gum, which surely is just like cutting down gradually?? Also being a bit sceptical is the hypnotherapy just a way to throw cash away or can it actually help?

    So my names Wedgy and I am an addict... over to you Arrse!

    Thanks in advance
  2. I was advised to give up by my doctor for the good of my health (Acid Reflux). I finished the pack of cigarettes I had on me and put a nicorette patch on first thing the next day. I used the medium strength nicorettes until I ran out of them (two weeks) and just got on as normal.

    What you have to remember is that the cravings never quite leave you, I find it difficult when I'm drinking even now two years later. You get free nicorettes from the med centre, take advantage of it and don't look back.

    What I didn't realise until I gave up (and this is really cliched) is how much I stank, how much it affected my taste and smell and just what other problems I had that were caused by tabs.
  3. Try holding something all the time, like a golfball; it keeps your hand occupied and keeps your mind off nicotine.
  4. I too am an ex-smoker (gave up pre-nicorette etc)

    Willpower is just about everything but try these:

    Write down all the reasons for giving up, when you want a fag - read em 10 times
    Put the money aside you would have spent on fags and spend it on something good
    Identify trigger situations and avoid them if poss
    Find a giving up buddy - it's easier in pairs or more
    Set short term rather than long term goals
    If you have a lapse - don't see it as failure and try again
    Keep some of your stinking clothes in a bag and sniff it when the going gets tough
    Get some hideous pictures of smoking related diseases to look at when you are feeling weak

    There you go - a starter for 10

  5. Just pull yourself together. It is an expensive, health-degrading and increasingly socially unacceptable habit. So kick it into touch and feel your inner vitality return! If you really need a boost or leg-up, may I suggest Everton mints?
  6. two ways of looking at it (I'm an ex smoker too)

    Firstly, bound when your going to smoke, I cut it down to only afternoons, then only evenings then only evening when i was drinking etc etc.

    Secondly, and this really worked for me, just pick up your packet and throw it away, right now! And stop. Feel good about what you have done. But also understand, you may have the odd night when you have one, or an evening when you get totally lashed up and have a few. As long as the next morning your still stopped in your head your OK.
    To be truly stopped (imho) you should be able to sit with smoker and not need one, but if you have one you have it to enjoy it and not need a second.
  7. I'm trying to give up at the moment and failing dismally, Cut down from 40 to 15 (dont worry ex forces now so the phizz isn't a problem) so making progress, those hand held nicorette inhalers are good at giving you something to keep your hands occupied, you just look a bit of a c0ck using one. chewing gums good but personally the patches dont do anything but irritate me.

    Good luck.
  8. Every time you feel like buying a pack of cigarettes put some money in a piggy bank and think of what you will spend it all on. Should add up to a tidy sum at £5 a packet (approx).

    Disgusting and expensive habit that I was fortunate enough to give up when I was at school.

    Good luck.

    Oh, another tip - read what is says on the packet and that should surely put anyone off, especially if you have kids.

    I am allowed to say the above as both Murielsons parents passed due to cancer and they were both smokers!!
  9. I've been stopped for nearly a year, and trust me it gets easier!

    I gave up in the sandpit so it was slightly easier, as you don't get the Pint and a fag syndrome. So volunteer for Telic 10 (if you are serving!)

    I used medium patches for a week, but the things kept slipping of due to sweat, so went cold turkey. I still think about smoking even now, but the cravings last about 10 seconds then they are gone !

    My best bit of advice I can give you is this-

    Do you REALY want to stop, if you don't, you will fall at the first hurdle - you have to want to.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on.
  10. Volunteering for Telic 10 to quit the tabs is a bit extreme IMHO.

    I agree with Bat_Crab. I was on 20 Marlboros a day for a fair fwe years. Two weeks on those Nicorette patch jobbies and I haven't smoked since, apart from one or two cigars at the end of a game drive.

    I reckon the worst part is DECIDING to give up. Once you have said 'feck this for a game of soldiers - five pounds a fecking packet' and applied the patch, it gets a lot easier than you might think.

    I'll tell you what's much, much harder.....

    Giving up the booze.

    Good luck Wedgy
  11. Personally, there is no VALID reason to smoke other than "you are addicted". As has been pointed out, the price of your addiction is the expense, the stink, your health and more and more being ostracized by society. If you think all those reasons are worth feeding your habit, you are as far as I am concerned 'stupid' and might ass well prove it by cracking on being a smoker.

    You going to let it beat you?
  12. Goods drills [​IMG] it will be even better when fags are binned in pubs.
  13. cant wait til the ban comes into pubs and clubs

    fcuking hate coming home after a night out stinking of second hand smoke
  14. Get yourself a copy of "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking". Read it twice, then never look back.

    I tried stopping 4 or 5 times before....this book was the business. Thoroughly recommend it.
  15. As a heavy smoker I agree with this statement, I was dreading it but after visiting pubs in Scotland and Dublin it was quite pleasent to go into a smoke free pub and it helped cut down the fags, as beer drinking and fags go hand in hand in my case.